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  1. pretty--what yarn is it?
  2. could you make a blanket in white or yellow..then wait to hear the official word? That way you will be ready:)
  3. This really seems like a case of unintended consequences--we buy about 90% of our kids clothing from local resale shops--and our budget is tight just doing that....if they don't sell kidwear anymore--I may have to take up sewing:)
  4. You can use these in a stroller as well-- i made one for my jogging stoller--my daughter kept kicking off theblanket and then I would run it over--I made one just for the stroller with the hole, and it works great--she can;'t throw it overboard.
  5. wow! you can do so many pretty things!
  6. very cute--and i love the idea of hiding him!
  7. cute! Are there animals as well?
  8. very pretty, I love the pink bed sized blanket!
  9. very nice! i want one for my birthday, they look lovely!
  10. yes--there are just some things I like to make, or some yarns I have on hand (or bought new!) that I want to make something with...I enjoy the process almost more than the finished item:)
  11. that is the one I am looking for, but my michaels doesn't have it:)
  12. Has anyone seen a pattern for a piglet? I want to make my soon to be 3 year old one for her birthday, but can't find one locally...I saw a book on ebay with what I want (3d stuffed animals piglet) but shipping was high (8.00 for a pattern book), that it was over $20 total...
  13. my little package is on its way, I hope it gets to you in time! 7 hats & 1 pair of booties--i am slooow, but glad to be able to participate!
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