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  1. Mary, aaawwwww, that is great to go with DD for that. Dusti, Have fun with the girls in the snow and hope it all goes well with her eye appointment. Linda, scream when you need to. Mary, we have painted the bathroom and the lounge, then the boiler broke and we didn't have heating, so stopped painting because took so long for paint to dry. We might do Kyla's room this weekend, will see how Alice the cat is tomorrow. I am fostering her before adopting her and she is still very timid and hides all the time. Don't want to be moving things around and scaring her.
  2. Just wishing you ladies a happy new year in case I don't get a chance later on or tomorrow. Have a wonderful WIPing year. I have the babies here, so we are going to be quiet, although it looks like MM is wanting to stay up until midnight.
  3. Kyla's room is going to be mostly black and white with some red thrown in. We had a debate about a black ceiling, when I eventually said she could have the black ceiling, she changed her mind. Then she said vampires sparkle in the sun, so she wants sparkly walls. That I don't mind doing, as long as she uses the neutral paint I get.
  4. Mary, painting party sounds like fun. I am waiting to see what the experiment is going to be like, Kyla wants sparkly walls (she is have a Twilight themed room) so we are going to paint the walls and then throw glitter at the walls while it is still wet. That is going to be interesting to see. Linda, the RR came out lovely.
  5. Merry Christmas EHH ladies. Hope you all had a lovely day. Mary, we moved the last of our things in on Sunday and this week we have just been pottering around unpacking little things and arranging things. The whole flat needs to be painted, so I don't want to unpack the crates of crafting supplies in case they get damaged during the painting. I want to get the painting done soon as well because we want to get a kitten or cat.
  6. everyone. All the new projects sound wonderful. Linda, hope the surgery is a success. Is John a good patient? Dusti, safe travelling and have a lovely Christmas. Mary, another Ducky? They are cute. I really need to not stop in here, every time I do, I want to work on saltines. I need to get presents finished first.
  7. all. Linda, that RR is lovely. I found my Casa today and was tempted to work on it, but I put it where I can find it again. Can't wait to get back to making saltines.
  8. Dusti, that outfit is adorable. For a boy I would recommend this. Not sure what size you wanted to make, it starts at 6 months. My stepsisters loved it for their little ones and even asked that I make for their friends as gifts from them. It is easy to make. Nicole Mary. Can't wait to see what you make for the new baby. Hope you all having a good weekend. It is a quiet weekend here. Yesterday I got Kyla's "big" christmas present (in size it is small, but it is the main gifty) and now I am working on her a few things to wrap and put under the tree.
  9. Linda, that is pretty. And I like the saltine version, too.
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