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  1. Three steps to setting your website up to sell digital downloads Read the latest post for designers on Makeloops.com!
  2. Today I'm sharing a sneak peak on makeloops.com of the introduction for my Pinterest for Professionals course. It's an 8 day course that's geared toward teaching independent designers how to market using Pinterest, but if you sell handcrafts it will also help you. There are still seats left in the February class so sign up today so you don't miss out!
  3. Thanks! One of my goals with the website is to start bridging the gap between crafters and designers. In a few weeks I'll be posting another article more from a designer's perspective of what we'd like from crafters so keep an eye out for that!
  4. Hi Bailey, you have to be be logged in to the site comment. I'll look at adding some better messaging for that. There was just too much spam otherwise. I think the thing that bothered me so about the conversation was the tone and attitude. I think sometimes designers forget that they can't sell patterns without customers and good customer service is important to being successful as an independent designer. Even when a pattern is free, I think it's best to try to make a good impression, otherwise people might get the feeling that they would expect the same quality from one of my paid patterns. You'll definitely get more pictures, tutorials, and hand holding with one of my paid patterns, but there are certain standards I stick to like fully writing out directions and including stitch counts for rows, because that will help most people sort it out of they run into a problem.
  5. Here's this week's post for designers: What a Crafter Wants: Open Letter to Designers Want to know what you should do to make your next knit or crochet pattern sell better? Here is one crafter willing to tell you exactly what she wants.
  6. Hey all, I have started a new community website called MakeLoops.com to provide resources to knit and crochet designers. Today I announced the opening of groups and forums! Come check out the blog, join in the forums or start a new group. In the coming months I'll be creating a searchable databases of technical editors and other designer support professions as well as a database of calls for submissions. I'll also be gathering up resources from around the web in one central repository of knowledge to help with all the non-designing aspects of operating as an indie designer. I would love if you'd come check out the site! Thanks, René
  7. Thrift Store Find: The Complete Encyclopedia of Stitchery I found a great crafting book at the thrift store this past weekend and wanted to share with you all.
  8. Three Free Digital Notebooks for Designers If you’ve been thinking about moving your notes into a digital format, here are my recommendations for three programs to try out.
  9. Check out the new Weekly Inspiration on Make Loops for inspiring designers. Each week I post an inspiring quote along with my thoughts on how it applies to life as a designer.
  10. Jammy Dodger Cookie (a.k.a. TARDIS Self-Destruct Button) I made this little cookie known in the UK as a “jammy dodger” to go along with a Doctor Who themed gift for a friend. The pattern is super simple but I wanted to share it for fans who might like to make their own. Even if you’re not a fan of the show, this little pattern would make a great fun food item for kids. You can try different colors of yarn for the filling. It only takes a few yards of each color so this would be a great way to use up scraps, too.
  11. I've started a new blog geared toward designers. Here's the first post for some New Years motivation: What Your Actions Say About Your Priorities
  12. Hi, my name is René and I'm the designer behind Riot of Daisies. Right now I'm designing patterns for crochet toys (amigurumi) but I'm hoping to branch out in to clothing an accessories in the next year. I've been designing patterns for nearly as long as I've been crocheting, but I've only recently started offering them for sale. On my website you find my first two patterns for sale (also purchasable through Ravelry) as well as free patterns, tutorials, videos, reviews, and blog post related to designing.
  13. 5 Gifts For Crochet Designers for Christmas This is my top 5 wishlist for this year. What's on your wishlist?
  14. Thank you for the warm welcome and hugs! One of my favorite quotes is, "Work is love made visible," so I would definitely agree.
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