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    I am a SAHM who loves her job!!!
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    Galax, VA
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    Crocheting, reading, scrapbooking and cooking
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    Since 1999
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    Baby blankets
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  1. angelsmith52

    donating hats and blankets

    A friend of mine just sent this to me on FB. Just wanted to pass it along to anyone who would like to help. http://rememberingrobby.blogspot.com/
  2. angelsmith52


    Very cute owl!!
  3. angelsmith52


  4. angelsmith52

    This is a wierd request...

    I used to belong to a group called the happy hookers! And I like yarn fetish too!
  5. angelsmith52

    This is a wierd request...

    Oh, I like those! Any more?
  6. angelsmith52

    Belle Topsy Turvy Doll

    That is awesome.
  7. angelsmith52

    This is a wierd request...

    I am going to be ordering a new bag from 31. I am thinking about getting it monogrammed but can't think of anything clever. I want to do something dealing with crochet so, I thought I would ask you lovely ladies for some help. Give me some ideas. I can have one line with 12 letters or 2 lines with 8 letters each.
  8. angelsmith52

    Dishcloths of 2014 ~ CAL........

    I would love to join this CAL! My goal this year is to st some stuff worked up so that I can participate in craft fairs this year. Would be great to have some dish clothes to sell.
  9. angelsmith52

    magic ball round ripple

    That is gorgeous.
  10. angelsmith52

    Drop in the Pond ~ Pink

    What a wonderful thing to do. Love the color choice.
  11. angelsmith52

    Drop in the Pond ~ Red-White-Blue

    Great pattern and colors!!
  12. angelsmith52

    C’ville January 2014 Tote

    So very pretty.
  13. angelsmith52

    Beanie keeps turning into bucket hat...

    Good luck. Hope that you can figure it out.
  14. angelsmith52

    Vertical Shells Baby Blanket

    Love the colors. Very nice!!
  15. angelsmith52

    Cabled Hats - Owls & Teddy Bears

    Very pretty.