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Horse pattern with more instructions!


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Wow you have a wonderful idea about a line of them. You should continue your project after the holidays. This is something I would buy for my girls. I don't have the patience to make something this teedious lol (sp). I hope you make a mint!!!! Thank you for sharing. EDIT-Ok hooked on your Etsy hmmm????

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I am trying to update the pattern....it wont!!


Here are a few more instructions....


Instruction on how to do mane

Cut several strands of yarn about 6-7 inches long.

You will use 2 strands of yarn at a time.

Insert hook into head from behind a sc, with the hook coming our in front of selected sc.

Grab middle of yarn strands with hook and pull through stitch, ( Like you would latch

hook!) making a small loop.

Pull all free ends of yarn strand through loop, pulling tight to mane.

It is easiest if you start at top of horse head, and work your way down the back.



Instructions for tail

Cut many strands of yarn into 12 inch or so pieces. (Each yarn strand will act as 2 strands of the tail)

When you are happy with the thickness, Cut one longer piece of yarn of the same color.

Tie tail strands together, in the middle of your yarn pieces. Tie 1-2 more knots tightly, so the tail wont come out.

Taking long yarn strand, tie onto horses rump. If you would like the tail to stand up a bit, wrap around around the tail at the base, right by the rump.

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Wow... This is terriffic! What a wonderful job and the time you spent too! Thank you very much for your generousity!

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Do you think that you can use this pattern for a total stuffed horse?


Please let me know what you think since you are the designer. I really think that it will work out.


Mary :manyheart


I hope you got my pm to you!


I think it would work great as a stuffie too. Just omit the opening for the purse.


If you need help, just holler!!



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I have not been here at Crochetville as much as I would have liked for the last few weeks, I have been very busy. So....I managed to miss this cutie when you posted it! Thanks for sharing the pattern with us, it is adorable. And thanks to Rachel for posting it in the "What's New" section of CPC so that I was able to find it!

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My goodness you are awesome :yay You have such a gift!!! I just want you to know that I LOVE ALL of your patterns and have used almost all of them already and I think (although you have probably heard it from EVERYONE) that you should publish your own book!!!


YOU ROCK:cheer:cheer:cheer:cheer:cheer

Let me know if you end up doing a book so I can look for it!

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