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    Susan Michele Russell
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    Charlotte Crocheters club president, married, 2 kids, 2 grandbabies, I crochet most every day... it relaxes me to the point where I fall asleep and have to frog what I did when I was incoherent...
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    Matthews, North Carolina
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    The Beach, Crocheting, reading, video games, fishing, and of course crocheting
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    Windstream Retention Rep
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    Small toys, baby & doll clothes, angels, and round ripples
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    In 1972 was taught to ch & sc, then read pattern books to learn more.

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  1. The Charlotte Crocheters are alive and well. We are on MeetUp.com if anyone is interested in coming!!
  2. So glad I found you on here.. so nice meeting you!!
  3. Wow.. we are neighbors!!! We meet every Tuesday night from 5:30-8:30pm at Five guys burgers and fries and every 1st and 3rd Saturday from 11am - 2pm there too. Our website is http://www.charlottecrocheters.com Come on down!
  4. Here are some hats I have made for my nieces... :cheer:cheer http://petitepurls.com/2012/Spring12/spring2012_c_prettypackage.html is the link to the pattern for the ones with the popcorn stitches and bows. The Hello Kitty one is everywhere on the net now and I just actually made that one up.
  5. Thank you! I got the popcorn stitch idea from a friend.
  6. :drool:drool:drool Your own craft room??? I have one set of shelves and the space under the bed...
  7. Thank you! I made it for my church to raffle off so I am hoping to get a lot of tickets sold!
  8. Here is my latest afghan. It is dark and light purples with a variegated in the middle. It has white popcorn stitch between the colors and the border is a crab stitch. It measures 69 inches across. I was inspired my friend Doris who puts the popcorn stitch in her afghans. Her website is at http://idealdelusions.blogspot.com/ and she has basic round ripple and a basic very pretty county round ripple patterns for free. I have added a few pictures of a matching unicorn I made. I thought a purple afghan needed a unicorn to go with it.
  9. Wow.... you get yarn given to you?? Wish I had friends like that!!!
  10. I am just waiting to see one of those hoarders shows where the person hoards yarn! I can just see it too... Yarn just stacked up all over the place!! Oh to be there to help her sort it all out. I'd be like.. You do know you really really need to have a yard sale to get rid of most of this yarn... he he he...
  11. Because I get to hear how I don't need anymore yarn, I have sneaked it in and just put it with the older yarn. :lurk Now I just walk in and just put it away and nothing gets said. We have talked lately about my crocheting and he has resently become very supportive. I am wanting to start writing crochet patterns and setting up a small crochet business which he wants to help me set up!
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