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  1. I place the stitch marker after the last stitch and crochet over it. Its all about personal preferences. Just try to remember how you do it each time until its second nature.
  2. Funny thing quoting myself... Anyway! I DID IT! I finished moving (not unpacking) so I sat down last night and forced myself to finish DDs bunny. It's done and now I think my burnout is gone! :clapI started on something for DH that I was meaningto do for him...we will see how long that lasts.
  3. I didn't do is much crocheting for Christmas as I wanted to. I decided to move in December . So moving and Christmas and life...crocheting took a backseat. I did a monkey for DS and was working on a bunny for DD. All I have left to do is the bunny's last leg and sew on her button eyes...well everytime I sit on the couch to do that I can not bring myself to pick it up. They did not get them for Christmas and I cant give him his without giving her hers. It will take me 30 mins...maybe and hour the most, but I just can't. They are away until the new year. Maybe then...
  4. Kristie your awesome! DD is a purse freak and I think she will just love this. But maybe it will have to wait til next year!!!
  5. Seems to be the time of the year for crochet injuries. Sorry you are having back pain. It's so sad when you enjoy something SO much that you want to spend all day doing it only to suffer consequences that make you need to stop (whether we actually stop is another story ). I sit at work and then later when I am home I sit with my feet up and crochet. On the weekends my kids are at daddy's there are times I only get up to eat and potty (Christmas is almost here). Lately my tail bone has been sore. Not too bad but noticable. I tried to sit with my feet down like I do at work but it is just not c
  6. Just to let you know I made this adorable creature with Red Heart and F needle. It turned out great! I do not have a pic...wish I did.
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