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  1. Yay!!! I can't wait to make one for my daughter. Thank you Kristie!!!
  2. KK, I think it is a sc,hdc, dc in the same stitch. But not positive on that.
  3. I finished another RR. This one is a baby rr. It only measures at 43 inches.
  4. I like to use the Mainstays too. Unfortunatly, they don't always carry it here. It seems to be something they bring out every once in awhile. I have a lot of it in my stash though.
  5. Thank you everyone. Carol, I am not sure of the color. I only had a few skeins of it and there wasn't a label. It is some pastel varriagated though. I think it was some of the Walmart Mainstays yarns.
  6. Lisa, It turned out really pretty. Something really funny. I went to post the previous post and as it was loading so was your message. It was really cool.
  7. Here is the latest on my other RR I am working on. This one is going to be a lot smaller than the last one I just finished.
  8. Oh wow!! I don't stop in too check for a few days and wow!!! There are sooo many beautiful RR's. I finished up my scrap one. And I am still working on another one. Here is the scrap one.
  9. Caly, you should try one out. You don't have to make them that big. You could make one into a rug for your bathroom like Heather did. Or even make a lapghan. I hope you do decide to join.
  10. Wow!!! I am playing catch up. I havn't checked in here in the last 2 days. There are so many pretty rr's being finished and in the works. And welcome to all our new friends that are joining in the CAL. It is great to see that soo many like making RR's,.
  11. Dawn and Amy! They have both turned out beautiful.
  12. Hi all! Sorry I have been MIA. Been busy with my hubby home this past weekend, and baseball for my 2 youngest kids and softball for my oldest son.We have practice 4 nights a week for the youngest 2 and 1 night a week for my oldest. All on different nights. I have been looking at everyones RR's. They are all sooo pretty. I love all the different color combos. I havn't worked on mine at all this past weekend. So I hope to get back to it tonight or tomorrow.
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