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Five Day Charity Squares Crochet-A-Long!


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Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, looks like we're back up and running again here at C'Ville! :clap

As of this morning, I now have 51 squares completed!!!!!! My goal was 50, so anything above this amount is above and beyond what I had planned!!! :yay

I see you guys have kept busy crocheting away on your squares! TODAY is the LAST DAY so keep on plugging away! Once you're day is over (midnight your time), post your totals (including square sizes, as in 6",8", etc.) and I will be letting everyone know who the winners are tomorrow night!

GO, TEAM, GO!!! :cheer

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ughh, this has been a really bad week for me... I've had so much to do and been so stressed out (I think I've had no mare than 15 hours of sleep total since Monday) so I've only gotten 9 done. I'm still happy I've completed that many considering the circumstances! Everyone is posting such great totals so far though! :clap

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as of right now I have 15 done, Its a little harder to do with a hungry baby than I thought it would be lol. But I still have some time to get some more done I'm hoping to have 25 by the end of the night. I'll post my total at midnight =o)

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I keep doing the same 6 in squares ....because the Lapghans are for the NH and I would like them all to be the same ( No jealousy can come up

that - A-way...lol )


Your very welcome...

It was fun

maybe we can do something like this again sometime soon...:)




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My total for this week so far is

185 squares.... ( 6 in )

( 25 more to go and I will have my 3 rd Lapghan done , my Goal was 4 , but that's ok ) :)

Hope I have enough time to get it done.... ( cross them fingers, eyes and toes for me )...lol



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Hi all,


I did my 35 - 7.5 inch squares

I did, 1 - 8.5 inch (circle of Hope Square - really nice)

I did 1 -6.5 inch square - didn't seem exciting enough for a 'ghan

I did 1- 14 inch square


So I got 38 all told.


This was a great CAL and I would do it again. it did get me to finish all the squares for one lapghan

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It is 11 PM here and my count is at 201 ( 6 in squares ) now...

( almost there, but I don't think I can do the remaining 9 squares in the 1 hr we have left )...

ok, I can finish the last Lapghan in the morning....( I need 210 squares for 3 Lapghans , 70 each )


back to crocheting again...lol

huggz all


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Ok, it's MIDNIGHT my time and here are my totals:

50 - 6" inch squares & 1 - 10" square = 51 squares in all!!! :yay

I had plans of making at least a few more today, but 5.5 hours of homework and going to my first Writing Club meeting at the college distracted me! My goal was 50, so I'm HAPPY!!! :hook

I've just glanced at the posts of what some of you have told us so far, but I'm not going to read them in entirety until EVERYONE turns in their totals! I'm afraid I'll miss someone, and I don't want to do that! :no

Tomorrow night I will post the winners to make sure everyone gets a chance to get their totals in! We could all be on the time zone, but chances are probably not! I want it to be fair for everyone! :yes

Ok, I'll be back tomorrow night!!! CONGRATS to ALL OF US, whether we made one or many squares for charity! Every square makes a difference!!! Thanks for joining me too!! I LOVE doing these kinds of things with friends!! :ghug

Sweet dreams everyone!!

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My final count was 205 ( 6 in ) squares...

have not gotten all done I set a Goal for...but ok...tomorrow ( or today ) I can finish that Lapghan...


GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT JOB everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I also am looking forward to doing this again....real soon pls ....


huggz all


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I ended up putting my WIP on the back burner :blush again (at least for one more day)

I was able to do 30 - 6" squares and 5 - 12" squares :yes

Thanks for the push and great job everyone the receiptants will appreciate the time we took to get these done :hook

Looking forwward to the next one (hint, hint)


Crocheting blessings....


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I wound up with 25 6" squares. Which is good for me lol.

I made a dumb mistake. I decided to try a new square for me. I switched to a sunflower sq. Finished 1 and wasted time by doing 30 of the brown centers. No time to finish them lol.

Had a ball!! Hope we do this again!:clap

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Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW, WE DID GREAT in our five day charity square-a-long drive!!!! :jumpyay


After rereading 70 posts, making sure I have everyone's totals, added them up, and had my hubby draw names, here are the RESULTS . . . .


The participant who made the MOST squares - - - 205 in all - - - is craftygirl2!!!!!!! WTG!!!! :clap


The three winners of the drawing are Melibean223, tezen, and ankey!!!!!! WTG!!!! :yay


And these are all of those who participated, and their totals, in no particular order . . . :cheer


tezen (25)

Nichole (8)

ankey (12)

craftygirl2 (205)

darski (38)

karin4christ (34)

Melibean223 (15)

Vickietoria (57)

breger3 (37)

kelly_the_mad_crocheter (35)

LavenderBear (51)


We had three others who signed up, but no totals were posted! Come join us next time, okay?!


Our GRAND TOTAL in number of squares for this short five day team effort is . . .


517 SQUARES !!!!!! :hook:yarn :yarn :hook


And, YES, I will be doing this again and hopefully every month! Last month I hosted the square-a-long on a three day weekend and this one during the week. If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know! :yes I do this because I enjoy making squares, LOVE the quick gratification that goes along with making them, and ENJOY motivating others! I am PROUD of all of us, and I know each and every square will be appreciated by the people who receive the items made with them!!!


I need for all of the winners to please PM me with your snail mail addy and favorite color to help me with choosing your prize! I will mail them out by the end of this week and will let you know when they are on their way!!


COME BACK AND JOIN US NEXT TIME!!!! :ty:manyheart:ghug

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