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    Crocheting, learning to knit, singing, playing on the computer and Autism Awareness.
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    I've been crocheting since November of 2003
  1. Well, not my finest turnout this weekend, but I got 6 squares done! The nice thing is, come January, I'll be able to REALLY work on them! Now back to cleaning my house:sigh
  2. Got one done yesterday, hope to get at least 4 done today to make my weekend total an even 10
  3. I got NONE done yesterday, so my total still stands at 5, I hope to get at leasst 5 more done today, maybe more!
  4. I got 5 8 inch squares done today. Used up most of a skein! YEA!
  5. I'm ready, although I need to focus on house work todayMaybe I can use it as motivation, hurry and get house work done so I can sit a crochet sooner!
  6. I'm in, will be doing a couple of Krystal's Daisy squares, but mostly basic granny's 8 inches.
  7. Ok, here is where I'm at so far for the month. I did 16 over the Weekend SAL, And I've got 26 done for the one a day SAL. So I've got 42 total for the month so far!
  8. Need to play catch up, I think I need to make 4 squares today and I'll be caught up! Been spending a lot of time this weekend reading!
  9. Sorry this is so late, I got 16 8 inchers done! WTG everyone!
  10. I've got 12, and I've busted through 2 skeins of yarn in making these! YEA!
  11. Ack, just wading through emails and got the notice about this! I'm in! I won't count my 1 square a day that I'm doing for the one a day challenge, but I'll make EVEN more 8 inchers! YEA!!!
  12. I've got 6, will make number 7 today, all pale yellow, and all basic grannies, something mindless to work on while watching tv. Fighting off colds here, all my family has it! At least I'm accomplishing something!
  13. I've done 3 so far. I'm doing 8 inch basic granny squares, in a soft yellow, and will be giving them to Suzanne for her Hopsice squares.
  14. I got my first one done last night! An 8 incher!
  15. Ok, this is totally do able! Count me in!!!!
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