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  1. I deleted the Question... I am soooo sorry if it offened anyone.... it was a Q: in general not directed at anyone....
  2. getting started right now.... I am gonna love this... love the colors you suggested ... huggz M.
  3. LOL... Lea, I am sitting here, ready to go as well. .Hook oilded, comfy chair found...Yarn ready.... Just say the word.... loves ya for putting this together....
  4. I'm in !!!!!!!! I missed the last one.. so YYYAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY... . I am early enough for this one... ( love MYSTERIES ) ty for doing this
  5. Hi all, am looking for a simple cute snowman pattern... wanna make a few to put on teh tree and for attaching to gifts... T I A M.
  6. don't them huge afghans get wobbely ??? I made one and it was sooo wonky that I had to rip it.... because there was no way I could use it, let along give it as a gift... what is your input on that ?? ty bunches M.
  7. Hi Darski... I promise....let me know when the next square along starts and I will be there... we will go for the GOLD !!!!!!!!!!! All is well here at the homefront.... and I am ready to get with it again.... thank you for thinking of me....
  8. Hey Gayle, can I jion... I am close to SF....lol Have a great weekend !!!
  9. Hello everyone... I been reading along and have to say WOW...I am proud of each and every one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You all did a Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat Job !!! So sorry for your lost of WENDY... rest assured she is in PUPPY- HEAVEN... with my Dixie and Penny...
  10. OOOOHHHHHHHHHHH... is this already over or can I still jump in >??? I seen this CAL just now and was wondering if you all do all Bears or if your already done... thankx M.
  11. I just send you a Private message.... huggz
  12. wayyy cute any chance that we could get a copy of the pattern ?? ( i know, many have asked .... BUT NO answer yet ) on rather we do or not huggz M.
  13. see, the thing is, not one of us knows what to do with the pattern... Maybe if you could do STEP by STEP directions ?? M.
  14. Dewbaby... would you host this for us ? You see how many ppl would love to learn... PPPLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE huggz M.
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