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  1. I wanted to let you know that my daughter got an 18" doll like this for Christmas, and I had pinned many patterns I found over December. After she got the doll, I let her pick out what outfit she'd like me to make first, and this was the first she picked. Thank you for this sweet pattern!
  2. Thank you so much KarenC!!!!! I received your package, and with my son being sick, and work, just haven't gotten on here until now! WOW!! Lets see, she sent: -2 skeins of thick and quick wool ease yarn that I'll probably make into the cute slipper stockings that are a free pattern on the wrapper; they look so warm! -2 holiday wreath candles, smell like Christmas! -Christmas potholder and towel set -Christmas brownie mix with spoon, and potholder -"V" ornament that is cute! It is in the shape of a Christmas red stocking -2 cute ornaments that are glittery flowers -snickers mini's -a big red stocking -pair of old navy socks that really do look cozy -a package of werther's origional carmel chocolate candies... oh wow these are good! -hot chocolate mix -room freshiner that smells like the candles -Christmas gingerbread cards -a G hook -a box full of plastic stitch markers -a set of probably handmade stitch markers that have the hook size on them, I've wanted some like this! Too cute! -One stitch marker that has is for wip's, and it has a butterfly on it -set of 3 cookie cutters in Christmas shapes -an Amazon.com gift card sent via e-mail -and last but not least, a sweet Christmas card! WOW! I feel so blessed! It came so close to my birthday too, so it felt like 2 gifts in one. Thank you so much!!! It really is very sweet of you to send all this to me! I will cherish these items, but more, your friendship, and getting to know you. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!!!
  3. Hi! I live in Athens, Alabama, and we travel to Bham quite often! My husband's family is from Montevallo, about 30 minutes drive south of there. Hi and welcome!!!!
  4. Oh my goodness! I received my package today! I'm in shock! coolhockeymom must have had an amazing stash of items to be able to only spend $10 on me! Lets see, here's what was inside my amazing package today: 4 balls of adorable pink softee baby bernat yarn to make a sweater for my 2 year old daughter, 3 cute Christmas cloth Christmas bags that will be reused for presents for my kids, lots of goodies like shampoo, nail cleaner, conditioner, soap, travel hairbrush etc, for when I go work out or go on trips to visit family (including a cute zipper purse to put it all in!), 2 pair of gloves, tootsie rolls for my hubby (his favorite), several candy canes, 3 adorable pair of Christmas socks, Christmas potholder and towel set, hot chocolate (fat free and only 20 calories? Wow!!), box of pepermint tea (my favorite!) some apple cider and some popcorn. You truly did spoil me!! I will enjoy sharing these goodies with my family too! Thank you so very much!!!!! Merry Christmas to you too!! Vickie PS My 2 year old was enamored by the cute penguin glittery Christmas card, and carried it throughout the house, saying something that sounded like "guin guin" (rhymes with Penguin)
  5. I LOVE this yarn, any color, but they don't sell it anymore at Hobby Lobby. Does anyone have any they want to get rid of? They make the most heavenly scarves in the world. Let me know how many skeins you have, and what you think is a good price for it. Thanks so much!
  6. I think those were beautiful on the street lamps. I don't know if I would want to spend the time on it, but I would smile if I saw someone else doing it.
  7. I like making hats this time of year, just basic beanies. Then, come September/Ocbober I give them to the local DHR for the kids in foster care. Here's a GREAT link to hats for kids that I usually use. The fun part is that you can add fun fur to the hats to add a little fun, but you don't have to. Anyway, good luck!! Vickie
  8. Hey! I'm in Athens, about 45 minutes (or less) west of Huntsville, just a little south of Tennessee. If I didn't have to work Wednesday nights, I'd be there with you Amy, in Harvest. Sounds like fun!! Vickie
  9. Oh, I don't know what to make my Mom. She's the one who taught me to crochet, so she crochets, also knits and sews. Any ideas for something to get a fellow crafter? She mostly sews, she can't crochet/knit like she used to. Suggestions? You all are doing some amazing projects! Vickie
  10. Thank you so much!!! You've gotten a lot of thank yous, but here's another! Hugs!
  11. Hey! I wasn't sure to put this in crochet help, or patterns, but I have this yarn... It's mohair, about sport weight, and it was given to me. I only have about 3-4 balls of each color, but several colors, mostly shades of pink... Any suggestions on what I could make with it? I've never used it before, but when I did a swatch, and tried to take it out, it knotted up like crazy. So, I'd like an idea of what I'm going to make so that I don't have to frog it lol. I could use it with another yarn, but I'd like to use it alone if I can. I know there isn't enough for an afghan. I'm also worried if it will felt when I wash it or not? One of the brands is Paton's Lacette, which is only about 25% mohair, but it's thin sport type, and furry lol. Thanks for the suggestions!
  12. Thank you so much sweet elf who sent me a wonderful bamboo handled crochet hook, size N!!! I've been wanting to do some big hook projects, and this one feels so wonderful to use!!! It was such a surprise as well! I got it on a day when it was very very cold out (we got an Alabama blizzard lol) and so I was stuck inside all day. Thank you sooooooo much!!! Victoria
  13. I'm in! I do this anyway, making hats/scarves for the kids at DHR who are in foster care for winter. I try to donate them by November, but I'm running a little late this year! My goal is about 100 hats, and however many scarves I can muster, since that's about how many kids are in the system at any given time in our county. I've never gotten more than about 40-50, but it's good to have a big goal!! I'm in!! Victoria
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