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  1. I wanted to let you know that my daughter got an 18" doll like this for Christmas, and I had pinned many patterns I found over December. After she got the doll, I let her pick out what outfit she'd like me to make first, and this was the first she picked. Thank you for this sweet pattern!
  2. WOW!!! That's GREAT!!!! That's almost 1.5 miles a day or so!! Keep up the good work! Victoria
  3. I think I've decided what to make lol... After a lot of thinking, I would LOVE to get rid of some scraps, but I feel like I want to make a really cool afghan, one that I wouldn't have made for myself otherwise, but one that I'll truly cherish. Anyway, I have a book called something like "Award Winning Afghans" or maybe "Blue Ribbon Afghans" and there is a GORGEOUS blue/white afghan on the front cover. I have the book around here somewhere, but I'm going to make that afghan. The cool thing is that I think there's a CAL for that afghan somewhere here on the 'ville, so there you go. If I hav
  4. Ooooh! I like the idea some of you have, that you crochet after you've exercised a lot, like, making so many rows each mile you walk/bike/run. I think I might do that. That way, even if I were to gain some weight back, I know I'm making progress, and I can see how much work I've done already. That might keep me going. Ok. Officially, I'm going to make one small square for every mile that I walk/bike. We have a stationary bike, and I can even crochet while biking! Maybe after 750 miles/750 squares I will have lost 70 lbs? Hey, it's possible!! Victoria
  5. I'd love to join!! I need to lose a lot of weight, especially by the 10 year high school reunion that is coming up June 2010... I also need to use up TONS of scrap yarn, so I could probably do both! I can't decide on a pattern, but maybe something like the mindless afghan, or something that I could do each row a different color, and each row could be 1 lb. or something like that... I thought about a 9 square type granny quilt, but I don't know if I want to join all those squares... Would look cool in scraps though! Here's the link to a baby size, but I would make it larger, and each 9
  6. Dayzie, I love your RR! I thought about doing a 2 stranded one, and now I'm really wanting to do that! I'm doing a rainbow one too, but just one stranded. Looks like it'll come out beautiful! Can't wait to see more pictures Victoria
  7. HI! That does help a lot, thank you so much!! I'm making it rainbow, and I"m already finished with the red, orange, and almost yellow parts. I'm doing the rows in 8 red, 7 orange, 7 yellow, 6 green, 6 blue, and 5 purple. I think that might work to make them look even, even though they are different numbers. Just an idea. We'll see how it turns out. Thank you for your help! I'll post pictures when I can. Victoria
  8. Those are BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm wanting to make a round one, but I'm not sure if I have enough yarn for it. Can someone tell me how much yarn it would take? I have red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple that I'd like to put in the rainbow color order, and not have any repeats. I would like it to be about 50" accross. Thanks for any advice! Victoria
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