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  1. I wanted to let you know that my daughter got an 18" doll like this for Christmas, and I had pinned many patterns I found over December. After she got the doll, I let her pick out what outfit she'd like me to make first, and this was the first she picked. Thank you for this sweet pattern!
  2. Hi! I live in Athens, Alabama, and we travel to Bham quite often! My husband's family is from Montevallo, about 30 minutes drive south of there. Hi and welcome!!!!
  3. I think those were beautiful on the street lamps. I don't know if I would want to spend the time on it, but I would smile if I saw someone else doing it.
  4. I like making hats this time of year, just basic beanies. Then, come September/Ocbober I give them to the local DHR for the kids in foster care. Here's a GREAT link to hats for kids that I usually use. The fun part is that you can add fun fur to the hats to add a little fun, but you don't have to. Anyway, good luck!! Vickie
  5. Hey! I'm in Athens, about 45 minutes (or less) west of Huntsville, just a little south of Tennessee. If I didn't have to work Wednesday nights, I'd be there with you Amy, in Harvest. Sounds like fun!! Vickie
  6. Oh, I don't know what to make my Mom. She's the one who taught me to crochet, so she crochets, also knits and sews. Any ideas for something to get a fellow crafter? She mostly sews, she can't crochet/knit like she used to. Suggestions? You all are doing some amazing projects! Vickie
  7. Thank you so much!!! You've gotten a lot of thank yous, but here's another! Hugs!
  8. Hey! I wasn't sure to put this in crochet help, or patterns, but I have this yarn... It's mohair, about sport weight, and it was given to me. I only have about 3-4 balls of each color, but several colors, mostly shades of pink... Any suggestions on what I could make with it? I've never used it before, but when I did a swatch, and tried to take it out, it knotted up like crazy. So, I'd like an idea of what I'm going to make so that I don't have to frog it lol. I could use it with another yarn, but I'd like to use it alone if I can. I know there isn't enough for an afghan. I'm also worried if it will felt when I wash it or not? One of the brands is Paton's Lacette, which is only about 25% mohair, but it's thin sport type, and furry lol. Thanks for the suggestions!
  9. I'm in! I do this anyway, making hats/scarves for the kids at DHR who are in foster care for winter. I try to donate them by November, but I'm running a little late this year! My goal is about 100 hats, and however many scarves I can muster, since that's about how many kids are in the system at any given time in our county. I've never gotten more than about 40-50, but it's good to have a big goal!! I'm in!! Victoria
  10. HELP!!! I can't think of anything for people... My sister knits/crochets too, so... Last year I made fingerless gloves for most everyone, and she's making scarves for everyone... I hate to make hats because we don't get that cold here... No time for blankets..... I've also made soap savers/cell phone holders, and heated neck wraps... What else is there??? Something small, no afghans, there's no time!! Any ideas, please PM me. Plus, we are completely broke, but I happen to have a lot of various types of yarn. Oish... Victoria
  11. WOW!!! That's GREAT!!!! That's almost 1.5 miles a day or so!! Keep up the good work! Victoria
  12. I think I've decided what to make lol... After a lot of thinking, I would LOVE to get rid of some scraps, but I feel like I want to make a really cool afghan, one that I wouldn't have made for myself otherwise, but one that I'll truly cherish. Anyway, I have a book called something like "Award Winning Afghans" or maybe "Blue Ribbon Afghans" and there is a GORGEOUS blue/white afghan on the front cover. I have the book around here somewhere, but I'm going to make that afghan. The cool thing is that I think there's a CAL for that afghan somewhere here on the 'ville, so there you go. If I have trouble, I'll just go to the CAL! I haven't decided how to measure how much I work on it, but I think when I've biked 20 miles, I'll buy the yarn, then go from there. I've gone 8.1 miles, so almost half way there!! It's a stationary bike, so no hills lol, unless I just decide I want to try to go faster or up the difficulty level. Plus, I can watch T.V. while I bike. Hope everyone else is doing well!! Hugs!!!! Victoria
  13. Hi! I'd love to join!! I really need to do more housework and less time on the computer and crocheting... The trouble is that I recently inherited about 200 POUNDS of yarn from an aunt who didn't want it anymore. It's a problem, because there are other things I should do other than crochet lol... A little introduction about myself? Well, I'm in North Alabama, where I live with my hubby of 5 years, 3 year old autistic son, and 9 month old beautiful daughter. I've been crocheting since I was about 7, and love it! I can't think of anything to make for people this year, which is really sad! I always make things... I'm thinking of making those jar toppers, you know? But, I can't think of what to put INSIDE the jars lol... I want something fun, possibly something different for each person? Candy for some, maybe learn how to make candles...??? Ooooh, maybe those cookie mixes where you put everything but the eggs in a jar?? Those are cool, but I don't know where to find a recepie for something like that... Ideas? Just not feeling creative today lol... We're on a really tight budget, but I wanted something homemade anyway. I think sometimes Christmas can get really commercial. Anyway, off my soap box! Anyway, glad to be here, hope everyone is doing great!! Victoria
  14. Ooooh! I like the idea some of you have, that you crochet after you've exercised a lot, like, making so many rows each mile you walk/bike/run. I think I might do that. That way, even if I were to gain some weight back, I know I'm making progress, and I can see how much work I've done already. That might keep me going. Ok. Officially, I'm going to make one small square for every mile that I walk/bike. We have a stationary bike, and I can even crochet while biking! Maybe after 750 miles/750 squares I will have lost 70 lbs? Hey, it's possible!! Victoria
  15. I'd love to join!! I need to lose a lot of weight, especially by the 10 year high school reunion that is coming up June 2010... I also need to use up TONS of scrap yarn, so I could probably do both! I can't decide on a pattern, but maybe something like the mindless afghan, or something that I could do each row a different color, and each row could be 1 lb. or something like that... I thought about a 9 square type granny quilt, but I don't know if I want to join all those squares... Would look cool in scraps though! Here's the link to a baby size, but I would make it larger, and each 9 block section would be a different color. Now to look at the pictures of everyone's!!! Victoria
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