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  1. Yet another confirmation that a twisted mind can produce GREAT things!!!
  2. THANKS for the explanation!! A curious mind lacking caffeine makes for some GOOFY ideas! LOL!!
  3. I LOVE your Mrs. Claus (is this your pattern?)! Praying for your health issues!
  4. I was about to say those very words!!! I'm not able to come here often, but this is WAY ABOVE me, trust me! LOL!
  5. Here is the second pic of my Penquin Quilt Ghan! Just 9 more rows to piece and the border to go!
  6. Vonnie, saltines are the squares we make for the quilt ghans, and they are the first two rounds of the basic granny square. They are called saltines because they are about the size of saltine crackers, depending on what size hook you use. Then there are crackers, which I believe are the first three rounds of a granny square. Which quilt ghan will you start with? I am making the Penguin Quilt Ghan for my eldest granddaughter, whose name is Violet and who just turned three in August!
  7. Leighanne, I'm making the same pattern and I LOVE your changes!! I'm giving my PCQ blue eyes to match our granddaughter's! She's really into trying to figure out how people look the same and different right now, and both she and her younger sister have blue eyes, just like their Mama!
  8. Thanks, Judy! Now I know the name and where to find it if I want to make one in the future!
  9. Hello! I wanted to find out what IC stands for, so I went to the Happy Yellow House site to hunt it down. Maybe it's too early and I'm not not seeing it, but could it not be posted there just yet?
  10. I LOVE the pics you guys share of your quilt ghans!!! Keep them coming!!! :cheer Mary, please add 30 bi-colored saltines for me! Now I have all 266 done and will start piecing rows together again! Keep up the GREAT work, everyone!
  11. Hello! Here are the links to my first six rows of my PCQ. I have 30 more "saltines" to make up before I start piecing the remaining 8 rows! Flickr Account http://www.ravelry.com/projects/LavenderBear/penguin-cuddle-quilt Ravelry Account P.S. I tried to use the "insert image" choice, but I don't get a pic. I get a little box with a red "x" in it.
  12. Mary, please add 138 solids to my total! I have a pic of my first six rows completed, but I can't figure out how to upload it here. It used to be super easy, so I thought? Any suggestions would be helpful, please?!
  13. Hello! I've made 42 squares so far and will make the other 6 tomorrow! Time to get to my statistics homework - yeeeeee haaaaaa!
  14. Hello! My goal is to make 48 squares and I've made 12 (today) so far!
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