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  1. sorry to hear about your allergies/sinus infection I recently just came down with a heavy duty cold and had to put my rr aside just working on it a little was hurting my head and hands. i hope you get well soon and sorry to hear about the baby shower gift hope things start looking up for you =o)
  2. I found the pattern My sister stole the book it was in needed to get it back, I'm 14 rows into it already can't wait to add my points.
  3. ok i've read every page in this cal and now I am desperatly searching for my book wit the aztec sun pattern in it. I have no clue what yarn to use but I figure I will just wing it. Keep your figures crossed that I can find the pattern I can't wait to make one of these.
  4. that is beautiful i have a few to make for xmas this year so i love hearing people say the cables were easy lol =o)
  5. I gifted 4 skeins to my sister to work on a scarf so woohoo for gifting lol. +8
  6. used another ball finishing my fingerless mits. Yay me lol maybe one day I will finish a whole skein. +1
  7. sorry i'm late my total for the week was +4 I have a few things in mind for this week so hopefully i will stay postive next week too
  8. ugh the week is already half over and I'm just not finishing a ball on the scarf I made for my friends son. I started some fingerless glvoes and they are going quick so we'll see what happens 1 skein is suppose to make a pair so perhaps there will be more points in my future this week. +1 so far
  9. thank you both for the info
  10. Melibean223

    Pointy Tips

    i'm looking for circs (any/all sizes) that are pointy on the end i hate non pointy knitting needles. what company do you guys suggest for pointy circs?
  11. that is a good idea i'll have to give that a try some day.
  12. I would be interested in purchasing a whole set but I can't find anything that will give me 12" that is interchangable. I have a few patterns that call for 12" circs but can't find them anywhere. If any of you know of a set I could purchase that would give me 12" and up I would apprecaite it.
  13. I hate that I ended negative but at least my YTD is positive. hopefully I will get some good numbers this week I have a bunch of scrap projects to get done so I will keep my fingers crosses good luck everyone for the week coming
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