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    Been crocheting 34 yrs, self taught w/grannies book, aunties hook & leftover yarn! Love it!!
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    Island of misfit toys
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    Crocheting, knitting, reading and walking!!
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    inventory controller, marketing assistant
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    anything for charity
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  1. I am sorry to hear about the break up good thing you put the blanket down hooks, yarn & frustration do not go hand in hand. Beautiful job on the flannelghan
  2. the hats..thanks for the links! Have the same yarn (not sure of colorway) but looking forward to working some of these up Thanks again:hug
  3. Okay I need some help...........I have been making baby afghans for charity, have the yarn just ran out of ideas for patterns. Yes, have browse many sites, what I am looking for is a pattern that starts in the center (ie granny square, rr) or in the corner and increases with each round. Have done the Bobby square 12" square into an entire afghan, have take . I really do not want to join squares together.....any input would be appreciated....things done in the pasthttp://s94.photobucket.com/albums/l115/kalbrecht7/2009%20projects/?action=view&current=DSCI0170.jpg http://s94.photobucket.com/albums/l115/kalbrecht7/2009%20projects/?action=view&current=DSCI0168.jpg
  4. Don't know if this is one you were looking for http://www.craftingranny.com/content/?section=3&section2=40&page=40&m=40
  5. I too have been lacking in the mood for working on anything.... I am hoping that "Santa" :sheepxmascan bring a big box of creative mood for Christmas. I certainly miss the calmness it brings....
  6. Between life and work I managed to get the following done: 1 scarf 3 Preemie hats 3 Preemie ghans :cheer:yay Thanks for hosting this round :hugNicole:hug, looking forward :hookto the next two with the Darski ....
  7. I'll be making mittens again this month......last month I did make them I just did not post the totals ......I will try to do better than I did last month (I did 5 pair)
  8. Congrats on using the dpn :cheer I too used dpn, but since I have found the "Magic Loop" I have a hard time thinking of going back.....
  9. Sorry I have not posted for close to a month but there is nothing "to write home about" just can not get my crochet magic back .....trying but Hoping that the cooler weather we are having right now will inspire me to get back in the groove......:yarn To all those who have been on track :cheer:yay congrats!
  10. I would be afraid to use them ..... they are very cute
  11. KellyA

    Different amigurumis

    You are doing a great job! Love all of them especially the fuzzy rabbit as well as the lady bug :ladybug Keep up the great job
  12. Judy beautiful ghan, love the color choice Looks like everyone is busy working on their projects:yay, this round I decided to work on mittens .....I guess winter:wbrr will be here sooner than I would like , so I thought I would get a head start ...Got 2 pair done so far In the words of Tim Gunn from Project Run Way........Carry on!!
  13. Judy beautiful ghan...love the color choice
  14. hmm I think it will be quiet around here so I might join in ....hope I don't get sick this time
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