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my little green bag


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K here it is....


Before width:



After width:



Before Length:



After length:




The whole bag:



Can't see the numbers very well... it shrunk down much better than the hat (that wasn't a hat lol) did though. I'm pleased =)

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That is soooo cute!!! Now I'm gonna have to make another purse! haha! :loco I'm totally addicted!


I'd like to know how the bottom is shaped too.

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Thanks ya'll =)


I didn't use a pattern, just made a circle for the base and went till I got bored with sc (using my M crystalite) and then switched to hdc and went till I thought I was close to the end of my yarn, ch 15 for the handle, reattached and went around, did it again on the other side, two more rows of hdc then a row of sc and that was it. About halfway through the row of sc at the end I though, "Why are you doing this, it's not like it needs a finishing row really..." but I wasn't about to frog it so I finished lol.


The yarn is an Irish wool I got off ebay ages ago. I don't have the label anymore, but I *think* it's brand was Irish Cottage. I don't think I ever actually checked it's color lol. I have a tiny bit left, and will probably make a fulled mouse from it *g*


The handles worked out the way they did bc I was afraid I wouldn't have enough yarn to make a strap. I plan to use the bag to carry my small crochet on the bus projects, so I think it'll be great this way =)


Oh, and I love my table too :)h ... you can't tell in the picture, but the damn movers broke it, not moving it from the states to here, but moving it across Stuttgart :mad Then we discovered that we no longer had the recipt so the Navy would only give us $50.00 for it! Grrrrrrrrr. So I'm hoping that someday we can find someone who can fix it. That table is sooo awesome, I call it my Fairy table, because it's base has all these little holes where fairies could hide... and I think they do *g* drives my cats nuts! (Went back and looked, you can kinda see the broken bit in the 2nd and fourth pictures on the right hand side. but it doesn't show the part that's still just hanging down so sadly)


Gotta get my coffee now *g*



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1st - love the table too. Sorry it got broken. :( You need to make you some little gnome men to play with the fairies.


2nd - that is one gorgeous bag. Exquisite green, and the design is great. :wowdrool


3rd - I think I need to make *me* a felted/fulled bag for *my* projects!:idea (Love my baskets but they can be cumbersome.)



Well done!!!

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