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My shawls


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Looks like I can't get enough of them...

One of my favourite: Klaziena shawl

Free pattern: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/klaziena-shawl


Geometrica - a shawl for my brother 's wife. 

Pattern: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/geometrica-shawl



Kalinda shawl (another one for me). 

Free pattern: https://mycrochetory.com/kalinda-shawl-free-crochet-pattern/


And the biggest one - also for me. Transkokonkinental shawl. Amazing pattern by 6 designers. Not the easy one. I made it during free CAL. The name is combination of words: transcontinental and Kokonki - the name of company that produces yarns. 

Free pattern: https://kokonki.pl/pl/i/TransKOKONKInental-Shawl/30


For all these shawls I used my own choice of color, blend of cotton and acrylic, from Kokonki. 

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12 hours ago, NCcountrygal said:

Klaziena caught my eye gorgeous.  I think the url isn’t correct  All beautiful 

Thank you! 

I edited the link, it should work now. 

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1 hour ago, ReniC said:

Anna- They are all stunning! I am especially partial to the Transkokonkinental . If I had the time, I'd make one for myself.

Oh yes, you should try! 

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