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  1. Ganthi

    My shawls

    Beautiful colours and gorgeous shawls
  2. All three of them are lovely
  3. Lovely colours and nice ones
  4. Ganthi

    Pattern help

    Yes Granny Square. I saw that later. As a newbee had some difficulty in seeing the posts and missed it. Sorry for that.
  5. All the afghans are beautiful and very neatly done. I like the second afghan the most
  6. Ganthi

    Pattern help

    4thh rnd: Repeat dc1 inc 9 times (27) -actually it should be 6 times as you started with 6 in the first row, 12 in the second row and 18 in the 3rd row. 4Th row 24, 5th row 30. But if it is for a toy may you need yo increase 9 times to bring out a shape.
  7. Hi everybody. I am a pediatrician from India. I started crochet at the age 8 years. After joining medical school I could not crochet anything. After 46 years started it 2 years back. Wanted to join a group to learn more and enjoy crocheting. Have a good day
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