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A gift for my sister

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Thank you very much for such nice compliments. I really like this motif, but I don't like to make the same thing. This motif is 18 stitches, so I know that all I have to do is make sure that the final round of a bag base is a multiple of 18. This makes it easy for me to mix things up so that I don't make any 2 alike. Here are some of the other bags I've made using this same motif. The blue and yellow bag is the size of a weekender bag and the smaller sized bag has interlocking handles that pull the bag closed when you post-39334-0-00151200-1424125230_thumb.jpgpost-39334-0-64696900-1424125251_thumb.jpgpost-39334-0-34014300-1424125336_thumb.jpgpost-39334-0-74280700-1424125353_thumb.jpggrab the straps :D




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Thanks again for the wonderful comments. She is a member of this forum, so she's seen the bag. I just haven't had the time to mail it to her :(

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