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  1. Hi everyone. I finally got cards out today. I am getting more and more slack from year to year in getting them out. I didn't even set up our big tree this year and just put up a tabletop, fiber-optics one. I'm tired of doing all the work... We got a little snow and it ended this morning so I just got back from errands and can finally take a short break. Dd will be home tomorrow from college for a few weeks and getting up to her college, tomorrow won't be fun what with all the crazy drivers. The snow is so pretty, though, and at least today, it isn't as brutally cold as yesterday.
  2. Hi everyone.:) Our snow melted a lot today and is now black ice since it is night time. Thanks so much for thinking of me, Brenda. I received the adorable card and beautiful ornmament in my mail today.:) You are so thoughtful.:)
  3. Hi everyone. Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Not much new here, but wanted to pop in to say, "hello".:)
  4. Morning everyone! I've been trying to catch up on all I've missed but there's too much to read. I feel so bad for you, Katy, about the kitty but maybe you can think about adopting another one and see if Max will accept it. I love the blanket you made and can't wait to see what you come up with for the pass outs for the kids. Carol. the "Snow White" dress is beautiful! Brenda- I love all your goodies! Pineknott-that is awesome that you are getting into an exercise routine. I certainly wish I had, after going up and down 6 flights of stairs with heavy college stuff fo
  5. Good morning everyone! Just want to say "hi". My Summer isn't going that well but i am still hanging in there.:)
  6. Morning everyone! Love the picture, Katy. Thank goodness that tree didn't fall on anything. Hope all the Fathers had a nice Father's Day. French toast sounds yummy!!! My hubby got a steak on the grill. I hope no one gets bad storms today. Have a good one.:)
  7. Good morning, everyone. I haven't been around much so my computer time has been cut down dramatically. Very hot here and even though hubby and I got an A/C and put in for my parents, I come home to a hot place with no fan taken out yet nor my A/C set up. I hope to get a chance this morning before heading out. We really need some rain and it does look cloudy here, so just maybe..... It's too hot to crochet so I have been bringing my tatting along with me. It is a great portable project. Two family members are in the hospital- one with a broken neck from an accident avoiding a
  8. Good morning to everyone! It was a nice and peaceful weekend. Yesterday was back to the "grind". I had to pick hubby up from the airport. He was sweltering in Orlando for the weekend while here in Ct., we had chilly, wet weather and I was fighting a battle with squirrels going up into our eaves. I solved that problem. Then I had to go and cut parents' grass because it is wetter today and today I need to cart one of my dd's back and forth to work. That is great to get all those crochet goodies, Lovin2crochet. I bet your grandkids are getting big, CShort. I love th
  9. Good morning everyone! I am finishing up my coffee and then it's off to another day.:). Sure could use another cup to get me going but no such luck. We have rain here. Not enough yardwork is getting done here. I painted the bathroom when it was raining the other day so I have some ambition at least. I just am not home long enough to make meaningful progress. Hope everyone has a nice day.:)
  10. I hope you figured it out. If not, let us know the name of the pattern and who it is designed by. Maybe someone on here has made it and is very familiar with the pattern.
  11. Love it!!! Unfortunately, it reminds me of all the weeding that I need to do.
  12. Hi everyone! I am glad the forum is back and I am excited, like you BGS, that I can do emoticons on my iPad now!!! Hooray!! I have missed all of you. Happy Birthday to Little Tribble! I am glad he had a fun day!
  13. Hi all! We've been getting the rain here too, Tampadoll. It came after I did the weeding and planting, so everything has been getting lots of water on its own. Because it's been so wet, I didn't make the trek to dd's college to bring some of her accumulated things back. She is on the 6th floor and I really am not looking forward to it. I will have to go this week, at some point. Katiebug- I love the squares and the chicks are soooo darn cute! Pineknott- that is too bad about the fires.
  14. Bgs, thank you so much for sending me a Bday card and for the wonderful goodies!
  15. Whoever sent Owlvamp out the crochet hooks and folding scissors, she received them in the mail and is so happy that you thought of her. She is still unable to log into crochetville and wanted me to pass this along to all of you. She has tried everything she has been told to do, but has not been able to resolve her issue. Lea- it sounds like you had a really nice time with the family. How cute is your grandson with the rabbit ears!! Bgs- I love your newest stockings. You are so ambitious!
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