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  1. Check out this webpage www.tapestrycrochet.com Scroll down just a bit and there will be a technique for working tapestry crochet in a flat fashion. I have to admit though, this DOES take practice! I've only done it a few times and had to really slow down and take my time. I chose to use the "switch hands" method. Tapestry crocheting is what I mostly do. However, I make bags and use the "in the round method." I've made bags with stars on them and the lines look very neat and crisp. Not choppy like a star would look if it was cross stitched onto fabric.
  2. I've already made 8 pair of mittens to gift. They are made using a double ended tunisian hook. I live in the Midwest and it gives me a smile when I find a pattern that makes up something that's VERY warm. They look really good and because they are made using 2 different colors, you can really get some interesting color variations. I made one pair using homespun for the inside color and they look like they have a thick fleece lining http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/tunisian-%E2%80%9C-round%E2%80%9D-mittens
  3. I don't finish things very quickly either. I work in a packaging warehouse so there are times that I'm just WAY too tired to even think of picking up my hook. I've been able to tell myself that "I will get it done when it's done" and honestly be OK with myself. If you like what you do, then it really doesn't matter how long it takea to finish. And if it's a gift for someone, I'm sure that they will understand that it just takes a lot of time to make nice things. We are human beings - not machines for mass production.
  4. I definitely agree with Granny Square - no doubt at all that it will become an heirloom. As the years go by, someone will see it and go NUTS trying to find the pattern for it
  5. I'm most always tapestry crocheting so The SC stitch is definitely my favorite. I also like it because it's such a tight stitch. I'm sure it's a "guy" thing... I just don't like things that look holey or lacey if it's going to be for myself.
  6. WOW. A big THUMBS UP for you. Those look amazing
  7. Those turned out VERY nice. Great job you've done
  8. OOOohhhh yeah VERY nice job you've done.
  9. Here's another one that's on the soft side. I made one for a friend's daughter. Wish I would have taken a photo, but forgot to do it. https://www.patternfish.com/patterns/7338 Thanks for the compliments
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