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Grannie Bag


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Pattern on Raverly



The bag was simple it was the lining & sewing part that I had a hard time doing it but it turned out GREAT!! It was worth all the effort….


Part 1 Using J Hook create the base chain 72 and using the I hook I crocheted the bag up to the starting of the handles…


Part 2 I measured the crochet bag & created a lining creating a middle (2 pocket inside style bag) 2 pieces plus the middle piece as well as a little bias to keep inside lining edging clean..(my mom helped lol)


Part 3 Sewed the bottom of the lining to the bag to the bottom open bag (using thread and did it by hand) I keep it open until finishing the handles..


Part 4 Finished the handles measuring 12 stitches from each corner (middle) then a chain 28 for the handle…same on the other side then 3 row of the handle…


Part 5…Closed the bottom of the bag using the same gray thread as the bag…looks perfect…when done…


Part 6 Take lots of pictures and then enjoy it…









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Nice bag! I especially like the bias tape to enclose the raw fabric edges. I haven't done that in years, but I know it looks and works great!

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I am not a sewer either haven't done it in maybe 20 years wow time flies my DD will be 24 this year I use to sew dresses/ bloomers for her & used a little of mom's help.. Love the bag been so busy I have not had a chance to use it just yet...(maybe I am afraid it will get dirty?) lol

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