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  1. That is so cute! Looks so very summer and fun too!
  2. Good morning house! Cindy-oh my gosh! Having hours cut is scary! That is just awful, I would be worried too. My dh works in the medical field as well, companies are cutting back in every way. It is getting pretty scarce out there. We haven't had any more snow here but it sure has been cold. Judy-Project Linus would not accept your goodies? That just sounds strange, even with having pets. Do you have nearby schools that would like hats? Nursing homes? Marisa-welcome back! Congratulations! I bet you and Troy are over the moon happy to start planning a wedding. 5 weddings to go to sounds like so much fun! Hello to the rest of the house, nothing much going on except that DH ordered a new Bath Fizzy Machine for me I have been making the fizzies by hand but with my wrists and such I was saving to order one..he said last night to just order it and he would pay for it. This is the most expensive piece of equipment that I have ever ordered, it should be here by Valentine's Day. I can't wait! Oh my gosh! I am going to have so much fun whipping out new fizzies, I can start selling them in big batches too..off to work on hooky projects while I can. Talk soon, hugs and warmest of wishes!
  3. Good morning house! Judy-using left over yarn is so rewarding! I really must start a scarp ghan as my small skeins of yarn are taking over my craft corner. We have had such a cold winter, I am looking forward to Spring and warm nights. Cindy-your chili recipe sounds yummy! My family loves chili is a good idea, I should whip up a batch. My freezer meals are almost gone, how about yours? Joanne-how are you? Do you go to Craft Night anymore? Mary-ohh strep throat, yikes! dh is a carrier and I am the receiver, it sure is painful. So happy to hear that Gracie is doing well, she just sounds so cute! Nothing too exciting here in my neck of the woods, work work work and cleaning. This morning I swept thru the house like a tornado, picking up jackets, shoes, sweeping and washing dishes. I am the main culprit, my family is so good at putting their things away, I was never like this but now I seem to leave a trail. No more! I am going to require myself to pick up after myself..terrible I tell ya...I should be sent to Time Out..I will gladly go. Back to work, hugs and warmest of wishes!
  4. Good morning House! Up early, working my tail feathers off. I host an Event on Sunday's called Sunday Dibs at 6:00. It starts at exactly 6:00 p.m. Mountain Time on Facebook, I list yarn/craft supplies/product from my shop for sale, usually at a good discount. Whomever calls "Dibs" on it first gets it, they then have a week to come into the shop to pick it up. This helps me clear out inventory and also rewards my loyal customers and friends. I have quite a bit of yarn to sell and a few crafty notions. Haven't hosted one since Sept, I am happy to jump back in the saddle. Judy-oh my! So glad that your knife cut wasn't worse. I am amazed at how sharp the new knives are! Eeek! Mary-did you get a bit of hooky time in? I hear you about it being too cold. We have had frigid temps here.brrr Cindy-hoping that work went well for you and that it wasn't too busy or too slow. Hell to the rest of the house! The Ice Fest was so much fun! We wore Hawiaan shirts and served hot cocoa and cookies to our guests, We also WON 1st place in the Faux Snowman Building Contest. We were so excited and we put Gramma Tala together at the last minute. Here are a few photos of all of th ladies in the building as well as some of the ice sculptures.
  5. Top of the morning house! Judy-what a stunner! The black really makes the colors pop! That was so nice of you to repair it for your friend, what a treasure. What is the next project on your hook? Any more graphghans? Joanne-How does your oldest dd love being an auntie? That is one of my favorite titles, I just adore all of my nieces and nephews, they are all growing up so fast! My wrist feels better, I think I over did it a bit yesterday, was working on finishing a few wips, knit dischloths. I stumbled across them and thought I should get them off the needles as they have been sitting there for almost 2 years. Cindy-I bet it feels so good to get your closet in tip top shape! I have quite a few shoes, they are my downfall. I need to get rid of some that are just worn out...one of these days. Mary-what's on your agenda for the weekend? Marisa-Happy Birthday! Marlene-how are you? Are you resting after all of the events? Oh my gosh! You are one busy energetic lady, how fun! The Ice Fest is Today! I decided at the last minute to participate in the Faux Snowman Building Contest. I wrangled up the the other ladies that have businesses in the Crane Building, I put in a full day yesterday, but we have Gramma Tala done! They are going with the Moana theme. ! I will share pics soon. Best get my tush in gear, have a wonderful weekend!
  6. Good morning almost afternoon house! Judy-your afghan is another stunner! looks so very warm and cuddly. My dh reallys like the Bernat Blanket Yarn. I just ordered 7 large skeins to make him an afghan and 2 more to finish the baby ghan that I am making for my sister. He never really gets into yarn but he really really likes the softness of it. I am hoping that he can crochet his own afghan. I taught him a few weeks ago, he can do a sc with ease. Mary-did you get to work on your Etsy shop? I find it relaxing to work online but some days I want out! Out of the shop and out of my studio. We have had tons of snow falling, it is starting to feel a bit much but am hoping that Spring is right around the corner. Cindy-Happy Happy Birthday! What are you going to do today? Perhaps your wonderful family will surprise you again? Joanne-How are you doing? What lovely project are you working on ? Marisa-missing you! Someone had mentioned the bun hats, now those are the new rave! Women are loving them! I think I would like them more if I had hair long enough to put in a bun The Wiley's have returned, not full force but they are back in the building. Thank goodness! This takes a ton of stress off of my shoulders. I am taking time each day to read, gives me a chance to rest my wrists and it's fun too. We are having our annual Ice Fest this weekend. Here is a bit of info if you would all like to have a looksie: http://www.riofrioice.com/#intro the video really talks about all of the events, I am super excited to see the Ice Carving. Last year we won the Fuax Snow Man Building Contest. I decided to sit it out this year but am looking forward to seeing what others are creating. Back to the never ending paperwork. hugs and warmest of wishes!
  7. Good morning house! I am BACK! I apologize for my absence. I had so much work to catch up on. Just when I feel like I can breathe I find something else that needs my attention. Cindy-your tote is stunning! Happy Late Birthday! What a wonderful surprise, I bet it was just so much fun spending time with your family. Your dh was probably so excited to gather everyone together. Joanne-I am a leftie but my grandmother taught me how to crochet right handed. I have developed tendinitis and carpal tunnel in my right hand and forearm. I have been really trying to take care of it but some days the pain is just awful. I was missing crocheting as I haven't been able to do as much as I wouid like, I thought maybe using my left hand would still allow me to crochet without too much stress. So far it hasn't been as difficult but at first the dc was just throwing me off...crocheting in the opposite direction sure takes time. Thankfully the baby afghan that I am working on is very forgivable. My left elbow was sore but other than that I felt ok. Congratulations to your dd! She is an amazing woman and mother! I can see how proud of her you are, she is really living out her dream. That is just wonderful! Judy-you are almost finished with another project? wowza! You are on a roll my friend! Thank you for the lovely compliment regarding my Craft Studio, it has been a work in progress. My goal for the New Year was to re-organize/re-strategize in the hope that I can have more time off. The 15-16 hour work days are a bit much. I feel like my tired is tired. Marlene-so glad that your dh went into the dr. He must have been in serious pain for a few days. Poor guy! Hopefully his tooth will be repaired soon. Mary-your grands sure keep you hopping! My nephew turned 9 over the weekend. He is such a ham but so very naughty at times. I have to laugh at all of the things that he does, I do not think my sister finds it as funny. Do you have lots of appointments this week? Marisa-how are you? How's the home reno coming along? Joyce's husband Dr. Wiley had an emergency surgery on January 1st. He had to have most of his esophagus removed, long story short. I have been managing the building and her shop..it has taken quite a toll on me. Even though I had the weekend off, I was so far behind on my own personal paperwork that it took over 6 hours to catch up. Some days I am hanging on by a thread and other days I do just fine. I know that she is going to have to make changes soon as I can't keep doing what I am doing. My little business seems to be picking up, online orders have started flowing in, no complaints there but some days I wish that I had 2 of me. I try to get on here daily to see what you are all up. Wishing you the very best of weeks. Hugs and warmest of wishes!
  8. HIi House! Quick fly by! Thinking of all of you and wishing you a great weekend! Back to work.
  9. Good afternoon house! Remeber me? I have been lost in the sauce! When I am gone please know that I am thinking of all of you but am juggling life and being a mom/wife/business owner. Joanne-is your dd's new shop bigger? I hope to one day increase my shop size but am comfy where I am at. Your afghan is beautiful! Love the way the colors work together. Cindy-I have had the cleaning/oragnizing bug too! I spent a good 8 hours here in my Craft Studio, organizing my molds, shelves and cupboards and filling orders. Judy-we have had a lot of snow this year, it has been snowing since yesterday. I know that Spring is a far time out but I sure am looking forward to it. Mary-that is so neat that you and sil can take turns watching kiddos after school. Will your dd be out for another month or so? Marlene-did you get the trailer all set up? Marisa-how's it going? I had an order for 120 mini soap favors, easy to pour just takes longer to shrink wrap. They are done along with quite a few of the Valentine soaps, still have a super long list but am making a small dent in it. Back to creating labels. Stay warm my friends!
  10. Good morning House! Up early cleaning, both the house and my craft studio. I am so glad that I am able to carve out time to do it. My kiddos have been cleaning for the last month, they do a good job but I like doing a deep clean every now and then. The bathrooms are clean, craft studio is tidy, utensils and dishes are washed here in the studio. That can be a task with all of the product making that goes on in here. I like that I have my own double sink and counter top. I can now move on to Valentine product with ease. Marisa-ohh those winter colds can be tough. Thankfully I haven't caught a cold in about 2 years. I hope that I can keep them at bay as I can't call in sick to work. Does your mom crochet/knit? Cindy-my little sister is an adreneline gal. She thrives on it! I am so glad that work went well even though it was super busy. WIPS have been calling my name. I have a simpled knit dishcloth that I would really like to finish and then I can start pulling out more WIPS. I am sure that I have quite a few stashed somewhere. Joanne-Jali is adorable! He looks so healthy and happy. What a blessing to have your grands nearby. Just this morning my sister called, we were talking about all of the fun things that we did with our grandma. She was one in a million. I miss her every day. Both of our daughters are named after her. She was simply amazing and the glue that kept our family together. Judy-awww your fur babies look like they are having so much fun! It has been super cold here! The other night it was NEGATIVE 36 It was the coldest in the USA. The San Luis Valley is notorious for our extreme weather. Marlene-moving the trailer sounds like a lot of work. Oh my gosh! Will it take an entire day to get it moved? Mary-how was your weekend? Is your dd feeling ok? Guess I better get to the kitchen cleaning, I want to go to Ceramics this afternoon but am telling myself that I must do all of my weekly cleaning first. Have a fun Monday!
  11. Top of the morning house! It was Negative 22 °F here last night We also have a foot of snow in our yard, some parts we have two. The weather man said that it was to snow but I wasn't really expecting this much. I closed the shops early as folks were staying home. I mainly drove in as my dd had to go take her Drivers Permit test. She is officially a driver in the state of Colorado, with an adult that is. She was super excited. We went to the shop to shovel snow as they ticket if you do not clear off your sidewalk. The Wileys that own the building are out of town. Dr. Wiley had to have an emergency surgery. It is only me running Joyce's antique shop and mine but with it being January it is all workiing out. Judy-I have so much yarn in my stash but I always find that I run out of something when I am trying to use something up and then end up buying more. That is what I tell dh Your new ghan is going to be super soft and lovely. Joanne-so glad that the snow has missed you for the time being. I was thinking of that one year when you had tons of snow, I was totally relating yesterday. What is on your agenda for the weekend? Mary-how's it going? Are you getting a tiny bit of time to rest inbetween all of the grand fun? Cindy-woohoo! That is just so great to hear/see/read that you crossed all of your items off of your list for the week. Way to go my friend! I am working on my list, housework should be written on mine as I am a bit behind. Marisa-how are you doing? Keeping busy I am sure! What hooky/knit projects are you working on? Woke up super early as I have tons to do, have about 170+soaps to make, have half of them poured. Guess I better get to it, these soapies aren't going to pour themselves. Stay warm my friends!
  12. Good evening house! Bet you all wondered what had happened to me? I have been busy as a bee, shipping rates are going up on the 22nd, I have had to go in and do lots of work in my etsy shops, quarterly taxes and inventory. I have everything done except the inventory. My brain is fried! In between it all I have been trying to whip up Valentine products and discount left over Christmas goodies..my oh my! Judy-the grey afghan is a stunner! It looks cozy and so nice. The purple grannie ghan is spectacular! You do such amazing work! Mary-so glad that your dd is out of surgery and recovering. How is she feeling? Joanne-Your New Years Eve with Jali sounded just delightful! A mani and pedi sound great too! Do you have tons of snow in your neck of the woods? Cindy-I am a big To Do List maker, I always have one, but some days I can't get to everything. Sometimes the lists stress me out as it all seems so daunting. Hello to the rest of the house! Must call in my yarn order before the day gets away from me, talk soon. hugs!
  13. Marisa-Happy New Year! Do you have plans for the weekend? Thank you for the lovely compliments.
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