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  1. Good morning House! I have missed you all terribly! Life has a way of keeping one super busy. I finally feel like I have both feet on the ground and am better able to plan my days. Still working full time and have the online shops, the kiddos and dh and the new videos that I am filming. Will try to go back and read all of your posts, feel like I have missed out on so much. Please know that I am thinking of all of you and wishing you the very best. hugs and warmest wishes!
  2. Good morning House! I have been meaning to hop on here to post but have been reading what you all are doing. Judy-the doily is beyond beautiful! Pineapples are so happy and pretty. Precious baby and afghan too. Cindy-owls are my personal favorite! Love your owl stuffie, if you need safety eyes, I have a ton...I had bought a whole variety pack when I had the shop. I would be more than happy to drop some in the mail for you. Just let me know the size and color? Joanne-glad that your cold did not linger for long. Seems like most folks are catching the winter colds early. My dd had strep throat this last week, she is feeling better but worn out. Marlene-hoping that you feel rested and that you take a break for Thanksgiving.? Mary-sorry to hear about your bil, hopefully the time away will be just what he needs. It is good to get back to nature. Things in my neck of the woods have been so hectic and crazy. The holiday orders were pouring in and then a few large orders too. That combined with work and family has left me tired. I took yesterday OFF. Watched t.v. all day and just rested, it was heavenly! My dd is working her tail feathers off fundraising. We attended a bazaar on Saturday. We all took turns baking, I would bake a couple batches of cookies before going in to work then dd would bake after school and dh took Friday off to finish the last of the baking. We were worn out! But happy to report that we have the tuition paid for and the flight money saved now we are working on the cost of the motel..we will get there. I have also been donating all profits from the heaven scents. Ds seems to be doing better, he has changed his college major and seems happier with his decision. Keeping my fingers crossed for good days. He is on vacation this week, both kiddos are. I am glad that they will have time to rest. Decided to start a YouTube Channel..been tossing the idea back and forth for a year new. Going to experiment filming today, hoping that I can get it done right. Miss all you so very much. Talk soon, hugs!
  3. Good morning House! Quick fly by! Am catching up on your posts, so happy to hear that you are all doing well. Super duper busy here in my neck of the woods, am trying my hardest to keep up. Holiday orders are floating in. Will be back later this evening. hugs and warmest wishes :-)
  4. Good morning almost afternoon House! Judy-wowww! Your graph ghan looks super duper amazing! I am just in awe when I see all of those tiny sc stitches. You are flying right thru it! Marlene-so good to see your post and so grateful that your heart went back into normal rhythm. Are you anxious to go home? Cindy-crockpot cooking is my new best friend. sometimes dh gets tired of it but oh well. Mary-how are those grands? some projects seem to take forever..still working away on the wrap for my dd. Just finished pricing and doing inventory for the new consignment goodies, decided only to consign bath products-cupcakes, bubble bath and bath salts. whew! That was a chore! My dd has officially started her "Fundraising for Celine" campaign. She helped to create a video that we posted on FB yesterday. She gathered all of the shawls/scarves/wraps and has started an inventory/sales sheet. We have them all photographed now it is on to listing and then putting other goodies together to sell. Called her school this morning, she is doing her first Bake Sale next Wed during Parent Teacher Conference Time..it is going to be super hectic! Will have to see what she wants to bake..cookies, brownies...perhaps rice crispy treats. Had to switch my days off so that I can be there with her to help her set up and all that fun stuff. She is super excited! Have today off but my "to do list is long" talk soon my friends! Hugs!
  5. Good morning House! Marlene-sending you prayers, warmest wishes and hugs for a speedy recovery. Judy-how's the graph ghan coming along? I can't wait to see it! Cindy-loved your painting! I thought they were grapes too, was it a long painting session? Mary-how are you feeling? Hopefully better? Have you had a chance to rest? Joanne-what is on the hook/needles these days? Things are always busy here, I have decided to consign a few of my holiday products...that means inventory, pricing and then taking them to their new home. and setting up my display They are going to Wild Roses, remember Joyce my old land lady and friend?She has graciously agreed to let me be a vendor. That is how we met years ago, I am back to being #16, my old vendor number, how full circle is that? It shouldn't be too difficult just time consuming. Still working 32-34 hours a week and trying to manage the etsy shops and family. Some days I am amazed at how it all works but so far I have been ok. Tired but doing better than expected. Speaking of yarn, I am selling or should I say sold most of the Caron Cakes that I had leftover from the shop, I am delivering them today. So glad to be down one bag of yarn. I believe I have one more bag to photo and list, will get to that soon as folks like to crochet/knit in the winter months. Off to get ready for work, hugs!
  6. Good Morning House! Seems like it has been too long since my last post. Life sure gets busier this time of year. Judy-your graph ghan is looking fantastic! You are so very fast too! I am still working on the sc vest for my dd, need to just get it finished as it is cold cold cold here in Colorado. Mary-happy to hear that your dh is doing better. Lunch out sounds like a great idea! Anytime I do not have to cook, I am there! Cindy-your days off sound wonerful, have you been having fun? Joanne-hope you are doing well. I have been super busy whipping up the Holiday Bath Fizzy Cupcakes, they are all done and listed on Etsy, Just have to wait for them to finish setting up then I will package them and put them aside. Whew! It was a lot of work, so happy happy to get them off of my list. The rest of the holiday product will be made as it is ordered, so much easier and faster too. Soaping is the fastest. Bath Fizzies are the most time consuming, especially the cupcakes. Work is better, I am breathing more and not stressing as much. My heart rate seems to have slowed down. For awhile there, my heart was beating super fast...I think it was anxiety. My ds received his test results, he has a Chemical Imbalance. He was prescribed medication, so far it seems to be working. He is more like his happy self, it makes my heart so burst with joy to see him enjoying life and getting out there and having fun. For awhile there, he was so closed off and miserable. He is continuing with his college work and his 2 part time jobs but seems to be balancing them all. He cut back on his work hours, that alone has given him more peace. My dd is busy as a bee! She was asked to represent her school while attending a program called "STEM". It is in MA, we are just starting the process of seeing how much it is going to cost and the benefits of going. I called her school this morning, they agreed to allow her to have fund rasiers and one of the groups that she is in might help her with expenses. If not, she is going to be fund raising her tail feathers off. I have decided to gift her all of the items from the Off The Hook shop to sell. We shall see how this all pans out. Better get my tush in gear, have an order to fill before heading in to work. Talk soon, hugs my friends! Am attaching photo's of the newest bath fizzy cupcakes. Mape Pecan, Hot Chocolate with Toasted Marshmallow, Catch Me If You Can Gingerbread, Peppermint Stick, Christmas Mint.
  7. Good morning House! Joanne-is your dd and Jali all settled into the new home? Cindy-are you feeling more rested? Skipping lunch happens to me all to often, they call it a "working lunch" at Ace, not sure how that is supposed to work but we are usually busy during the lunch hour and then after for a couple of hours. Mary-your hexies remind me of my temp ghan, I was going strong and then BAM! I l haven't worked on it for a week. Judy-hopefully Jose doesn't hit you too hard, is it supposed to pass thru? The doily is beautiful! You did an amazing job my friend! Marlene-how are you feeling ? Are you resting? Sure hope so. Had my first Christmas product order on Sunday..wow! Have to work at noon today, guess I should get to work packaging and piping..I'm working on Apple Caramel Crunch Cupcake Bath Fizzies,..I hope they turn out good. 12 of them are for an order but the rest are for Etsy. Hugs my friends!
  8. Good morning House! Cindy-I would love your cooking enthusiasm I haven't had as much time to cook lately, dh has been cooking all week. I closed 4 nights this week hopefully next week I will get out a little bit earlier. The new Vac sounds awesome! We have a Kirby, we have had it for 20 years but we only have 2 small rooms in our house with carpet Judy-wow! You finished the doilies fast! Bet you are itching to get started on the graph ghan? I am working on a wrap for my dd, it is mostly in sc..I am bored to tears with it but since I have the back panel done I will push thru and get the front panel whipped up. I fell in love with the Lion Brand Jeans Yarn..super soft and squishy and works up like a dream. Joanne-plans for the weekend? I had to giggle at your dh wanting ravioli. Was it super delish? Mary-so sorry to hear about your brother, hoping and praying that it all works out. Have you been able to rest at all? With taking care of your dh I bet you are tired. I have the weekend off, going to go get my hair done then back home to pour candles...lots of them. Have a custom order for about 20 jar candles..yeah! Here is the link to the pattern that I am working on, fabulous instructions. I am using the Cinnamon Yarn, so pretty! https://www.etsy.com/listing/516967672/crochet-pattern-cinnamon-roll-pullover?ref=shop_home_active_7 hugs!
  9. Good morning House!? Remember me? I have been lost in the sauce..orders, family, work and housework have left me feeling drained and exhausted. Finished with another large custom order last night, all is left is to attach the labels and package then I can get to a large candle order. I haven't made candles in a couple of years,..we shall see how this goes. Judy-what a beautiful picture of you and your god daughter, looks like you both were having the best of times. Two more graph ghans? wow! By Christmas too? I was telling my ceramic teacher about all of the lovely graph ghans that you make, we are amazed. Are the photo's of her dogs? CIndy-How's the new vaccuum working? I bet your dh is super excited to have it installed. Have you been working on any crochet projects? Marlene-oh my! I bet you are missing Maya, it's so neat to read about all of the fun activities that you do with your grands. How's school going for her? Is she getting the hang of it? Joanne-Is your dd all moved in? How's your dh feeling? Mary-What's a shaking? Did you get to see the grands over the weekend? My in-laws count down the days until they see our kiddos. Unfortunately, with school and life it can be awhile until they see each other. My ds seems to be doing better, he is so busy with college and work that I think he doesn't have time to stress as much. He still has anxiety attacks every once in awhile but he seems to be coping with them better. This week he is to see Mental Health to go over his test results. I hope and pray that it all goes well. Inbetween everything I am trying to squeeze a bit of hooky time in. My temp afghan was needing attention, I was so behind, this is the last month..thank goodness! I have a zillion ends to weave in..they may take me a year but I am going to be so relieved when all is said and done. Not sure that I will ever do something like that again but all in all it was fun. Off to get ready for the day, hugs and warmest of wishes my friends!
  10. Good evening House! Marlene-How are you doing? I sure hope that you are feeling better. Judy-the new doily looks sensational! So very pretty and lovely, will it be a solid color? Joanne-your holiday sounded just perfect, good food and family-can't get better than that. Cindy-your cooking sounds delish! I like soup more and more as I get older. When I was younger it just seemed to warm me up too much. My family will eat almost anything, none of them are picky. I am so grateful. My brother in-law is super duper picky..he is difficult to feed. I feel for my sister as he always vetoes whatever she is cooking Mary-have you had any down time? Last week was a doozy. It was so busy all 4 days. I ended up working Saturday..I think I worked 44 hours at Ace in 4 days plus 10 hours here at the home studio...and I was still behind. I spent most of Sunday and Monday whipping up products. Have the large custom order done and all but one of the Etsy orders done. I wasn't sure how I was going to ever get them all done, I am a bit worried about the holiday rush but am hoping to start making product ahead of time. Going to call it an early night, thinking of all of you and sending warmest of wishes! hugs!
  11. Good morning House! Marlene-Congratulations on the new baby! 36 hours of labor sounds very intense. Are you home resting? Judy-your doilies look lovely! The new project is going to be so pretty, the colors really go well together. How exciting! I love starting new projects..however I haven't been very good at finishing old ones. The baby afghan is so sweet! I love mindless crocheting, it has been a few days since i picked up hook and yarn, I am missing it. Joanne-so happy for your dd! I bet she is over the moon happy to have a washer/dryer and dishwasher. Makes life so much easier. Is she in the same neighborhood? How is Jali? All of your grands are growing up so very fast. What's on the hook these days? Cindy-maybe we can motivate each other, I too need to weed out my studio..I have too many projecst started to list..perhaps I can pull out a few and get them finished? I haven't looked at my fabric but I know that I have a whole tote..not sure why as I hardly ever sew..one of these days. Cindy-6 baby afghans in the same color? wow! I bet you are tired of looking at the pink/grey combo. But the end results are stunning! Do you get a holiday rush? Life as usual has been so very busy. Ds seems to be taking everything in stride. He is continuing with his counseling and has started back in college. That has kept him occupied and busy, he seems to do so much better when he is multi tasking. He has not started on meds as he is awaiting his test results. I am trying to remain optimistic and supportive without smothering him...it's hard to do as a mom. Some times I just want to put him in a bubble. Over the weekend we had quite a bit of company. My sister and her family drove in late Friday night. They stayed until late Sunday. We had the baptizmal on Saturday with a reception. My family helped out quite a bit. Dh and I had made the chile beans for frito pie, dd had baked a German Chocolate Cake as well as a Cheesecake, my little sister had prepared all of the veggies and ds washed the dishes. We fed the masses, but it all worked out. Dd started her Junior year of high school today. Yesterday she had to be at the school at 7 a.m. she is in Link Crew-she helps mentor the freshman. I It is back to running for me. I have had quite a few large orders inbetween but the time off has been wonderful. I am so grateful to only work l3 days, they are super long days but I will take it. I am liking my schedule more and more. Off to whip up 3 different batches of bath fizzies/bombs. Have a wonderful day my friends! hugs and warmest of wishes!
  12. Good afternoon my friends! Joanne-crossing my fingers and toes that your dh's MRA goes well and that he can have a less invasive procedure. Judy-did you get to work on your doily? How's it coming along? Cindy-those dust bunnes just seem to mulitply huh? I thought of you as I was dusting this morning, I should be ashamed to admit but I just spot dusted. Usually I take everything off the entertainment center then dust then clean everything..today I thought oh...just give it a lick and a shine. Hopefully my guests over the weekend do not notice. Marlene-oh my gosh! I sure am glad that you went in to see the dr. How are you feeling? Perphaps you can rest when you get home? Mary-my mom has a ton of appointments, I am so amazed at how she keeps up with all of them, it sure does seem exhausting. The appointment went well with ds. He is learning to take responsibility for his actions. His counselor is helping him to see that he has to accept responsibility for his actions/re-actions, it is not always some one else's fault when things do not go his way. He is learning some pretty tough lessons, but I know that he can get thru it. Have to dash, working from 2-7 today..no complaints as tomorrow will be a full day and then I will have the weekend off..4 days in a row. Thank you all for the lovely work compliments, I am starting to enjoy being there and am learning how to breathe thru the check cashing.
  13. Good morning House! I'm back! It has been a hectic few days. But I feel like I am returning to life and a somewhat easier home life. Judy-Oh my gosh! You are crocheting like lightening! Finishing that 3rd doily. wow! Bet they all look fabulous together! Mary-so glad that you were able to get a bit of hooky time in. I use my old camera for my photo's then I use an editing app, have you heard of Ribbit? The official link is Ribbit.com it is a free app that you can use to add borders, crop and create a collage. I found that folks like borders, draws the eye in. It sure is time consuming Joanne-Have you seen the NEW Caron Cakes yarn? Boy Caron/Spinright sure ran with it! They have tons of new yarns, colors coming out. It has created a frenzy. Cindy-a central vacuum system sounds awesome! Will it take a lot of time to set up? Marlene-hoping that you are feeling better, any news on the baby? I had handed in my resignation at Ace last week, since then the District Manage and our store Manager have gotten together and have come up with a "Keep LeeAnn Plan" they asked me what my major concerns were, I was completely honest and shared these major concerns: 1. Being left alone during busy times. 2. The gentleman that brings in over $20,000-he sells marijuana and needs all of his money put on money orders. Dangerous!3. The Saturday's 4. The check cashingThey came up with a plan to help me. They will now schedule me to work with someone with the exception of the last 2 hours of my shift..I can handle that.The gentlmen must now schedule an appointment to come in and the manager has to supervise.They will alternate Saturdays with me and are hiring another person so that we only have to work one Saturday a month or at least every other Saturday. My manager is going to supervise all check cashing for me, I can call her anytime. She will also re-train me on it so that I can feel more comfortable.They also encouraged me to take my crocheting in, I crochet on Saturday in between customers...it really did help with the nerves. I took a couple of days to think it over, they were so supportive of me taking a few days off too. I was so shocked and just humbled to think that they think that much of me a new employee that they would make so many changes to keep me.After A LOT of thought, and talking with DH I have decided to stay and just try it out. What is there to loose? They also are giving me Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off each week. This week I only work Wed, Thurs and Friday...all of that plus benefits-retirement-insurance..I told dh I at least should give it my best shot.Isn't that crazy? I am so so shocked! I guess sometimes we just have to keep going even when we feel like giving up. This weekend we are to baptize my newest nephew Isaiah. Dh and are to be his God Parents, what an honor. I am getting the house ready for his party and am tidying up the studio. DS has been doing a tiny bit better, he and I to meet with his counselor today, hoping that it goes well. Thank you all for thinking of me, I am so blessed to be surrounded by such love. Best get my tush in gear, have lots of orders to fill. hugs and warmest of wishes!
  14. Good morning House! Thank you all for all of your hugs, prayers and warm wishes. I can feel them and appreciate you all. We are taking things one day at a time. Ds went in to have a Mental Health Evaluation yesterday, his primary dr. just resigned...he has to schedule an appointment with a new dr but he has to do a bit of research to see whom he can see. Our dd is getting ready for her junior year in high school and is planning her schedule. She is taking quite a few difficult classes, I had to rein her in a bit as I think she is trying to do "too much" hmmm...wonder where she got that from? Dh is really trying hard to lead our family in the right direction, he has been so supportive of all of us, I know he is struggling too but he has been a pillar of strength. I resigned from my position at Ace and have 6 more work days left. I gave a 2 week notice but since I work 11 hour shifts, it equalled to 8 days of work. I am so releived, I will have to get thru tomorrow as Saturday's are the absolute worst. My nerves are frazzled and completely out of whack along with my body. I feel like I am in a fog some moments, then anxious the next. I think once I get over the Saturday I will not have to work alone as much, then I can just breathe. I have applied for one part time job but I am think I am going to take a bit of time to refocus Judy-how is doily number 2 coming along? Cindy-Are you feelng better? Do you have a few days off? Mary-hoping that you get a few moments each day to play hooky, how's Etsy going? Joanne-can't wait to hear about your vacation. off to whip up soap and lotion, have to work at 11, another long day. hugs and warmest of wishes!
  15. Hi House! Sorry I have been MIA, have had an extremely stressful few days. My ds had a huge lapse, he tried to commit suicide on Friday. My heart is hurting...he took a lot of natural pills. That is all that we had in the house...long story short. We had to rush him to the Emergency Room. He didn't have to stay long as the pills were not a threat to his system with the exception of the kidneys. Now he has to go get a whole Psychiatric work up, Medical work up and more counseling. We had to have an emergency meeting with his councelor after I got off from work on Saturday..I just can't seem to hold it together. I have to cut back on one of the stressors..the job is the first to go as Family is always first.DH took DS away for a couple of days as DD and I have to re-group. Then we can move forward with his Mental Health Plan. Have had lots of orders inbetween all of that and of course the household chores. Guess I better get to whipping up this last order.Talk soon my friends, please know that I am thinking of each and every one of you but am having a difficult time focusing.
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