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    Although I do other crafts, IE: sewing knitting, plastic canvas etc., crocheting is what I enjoy most.
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    New York State
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    crocheting, plastic canvas, sewing
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    hats, scarves, afghans, amigurumis etc
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    since I was 7 yrs old

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  1. That's an impressive collection. You've been a busy beaver.
  2. I like these. I think I may make them as coasters, as that is what they look like to me.
  3. mamarose22


    That is so adorable.
  4. I love to use leftover yarns to make afghans using the larksfoot stitch. I make each stripe a different color.
  5. What a busy lady. You make a Crochetvilole tote every month to give away, make auction items and so many other crochet projects. I don't know how you find the time to crochet so much stuff.
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