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    Although I do other crafts, IE: sewing knitting, plastic canvas etc., crocheting is what I enjoy most.
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    New York State
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    crocheting, plastic canvas, sewing
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    since I was 7 yrs old
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    hats, scarves, afghans, amigurumis etc

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  1. mamarose22

    July Table Happy 4th

    Ypo are one talented lady!!!
  2. mamarose22

    Giveaway ribbon yarn

    Gee...This is nice. I'd love th. Please enter my name. TX
  3. mamarose22

    Shy Bunny

  4. mamarose22

    Ami Ville Christmas

    That's an impressive collection. You've been a busy beaver.
  5. mamarose22

    Christmas Towel Toppers

    That's a nice pattern you used.
  6. mamarose22

    using up scraps for a orgami Pot Holder

    This is the best potholfer pattern.
  7. mamarose22

    Pumpkin Express

    That's s cute!
  8. mamarose22

    Santa Potholder- (I am missing Elf! LOL)

    Great idea. Look\ks very easy.
  9. mamarose22

    More Charity Dishcloths

    I like these. I think I may make them as coasters, as that is what they look like to me.
  10. It seems that with all the updates to the site it gets harder to maneuver.I used to be able to use a  a larger font, but not anymore.  There used to be a heading to go to the general forum, but no longer.  Some other headings  appear to be missing, I think.

  11. mamarose22


    Amy...I I have not receive a reply to this yet. Today I wasn't able to use a large font write his post. .
  12. mamarose22

    Bitty Snowman

    That's so cute.
  13. mamarose22


    When I want ti use a larger font, I am able to do it on this help topic. However when I want to use it on Fun&Games, icon does not appear to do so.
  14. mamarose22


    That is so adorable.