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  1. Just a few minutes to pop in and say hello, It was so nice here the last two days but today has been cool and breezy. I so love Spring weather. Hubby has been working and I've been crocheting, finally got the dress finished a few days ago and have started another. Marlene, the ball game sounds so much fin, I'll have to remember that when my older grands are here. I love the info. you shared from your meeting, will be a help for me as well, thanks. So glad you found your phone! Cindy, I hope you are sleeping better. Insomnia is something I have dealt with all my life and it's no fun
  2. Good rainy morning, We have had so much rain lately and today is 100% chance. I'm so ready for some warm days with sunshine! Thanks for the thoughts and prayers, my sister with cancer did get a good report, no changes, much better than we expected. I guess she's just feeling the side effects of the chemo. Thanks so much for the comments on the dress, I can't wait to get it finished. It's the first dress I've ever made and it's been so easy I could kick myself for not doing it eariler. Valerie, Summerville is a small spot in the woods near Rome, you've probably heard of
  3. Hi everybody, just wanted to let you know I am feeling a bit better. Thanks for the well wishes, it's been a tough go. I'm so far behind I just thought I'd start anew. My sister who has cancer isn't doing very well, she will go for results of CT scan today and we don't expect good news. My younger sister was diagnosed yesterday with acute kidney failure. She will be having a round of tests before we know more. Needless to say, I'm a total wreck with all this going on! I hope Spring is appearing for everyone, rainy here but 70's are expected for the day, I'll take it! I'll try my
  4. Good Saturday morning, I have been up since 3 it's now a bit after 5. I'm comming down with a cold/flu again for the third time in 2 months. I just couldn't believe it when I started feeling feverish and stopped up again! Judy, I gave up on learning to knit, I just couldn't do it. The afghan is beautiful! I crochet all kinds of things, I think hats are my favorite. Like you, I donate many to charity at the hospital where my sister has chemo treatments. She has non-Hodgkin lymphoma. I'm thinking of making an afghan for each of my grandchildren, I've been looking at patterns and
  5. Good morning, It's raining here and I'm having my one and only cup of coffee of the day. Our weather is so crazy, 3 days ago we had snow, yesterday it was in the 70's and today we have a rain/sleet mix! Marlene, It's wonderful your granddaughter gets to spend the summers with you, what a joy! I can't wait to see the American Flag Afghan, and what a sweet thing to make it for! Mine is a pacemaker-defibrillator combined. It's so great you are helping others in the way you are. Joanne, goodness, you have your family scattered worse than mine is! I do hope you get to see them all
  6. Hi everybody, I'm new to the forum and hope to jump in here and get to know some of you. I'm from Georgia, married with three children and 4 grandchildren. My oldest daughter and two oldest grandchildren live in Las Vegas so I don't get to see them very often, my only granddaughter Sarah is 13, she models a lot, she has been in Vogue as well as did a commercial for Fuji film, all her earnings go into an account for collage. Her brother Alex is into soccer and is a very smart child, making excellent grades in school. My two youngest grandchildren live in Atlanta so I see them pretty often.
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