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  1. yarnowl

    A blanket I made a little while ago - Moroccan tiles

    That is beautiful!!!
  2. yarnowl

    C2C Rainbow Scrapghan

    That is so pretty, well done!
  3. yarnowl

    Granddaughter's Comedy/Drama graph ghan

    Wow! This is amazing, your Granddaughter will love it!
  4. yarnowl

    Tunisian Entrelac Tote

    Oh my!! A beautiful bag, well done.
  5. yarnowl

    Scrap Pink Daisy Afghan

    Soooooo beautiful!!!
  6. yarnowl

    Very Special Tote

    Oh my!! You truly are an angel Mary Jo, such a sweet and thoughtful thing to do.
  7. yarnowl

    My granny square bag for summer 2015

    That is so pretty!!!
  8. yarnowl

    Grannie Bag

    You did a great job, lovely bag!
  9. yarnowl

    Sunshine and Shadow lapghan

    Gorgeous, so colourful!!!
  10. yarnowl

    Rainbow Set Afghan

    Absolutely beautiful!!
  11. yarnowl

    Vintage Fan Ripple Afghan

    This is beautiful!! I hope you enter it in the fair,
  12. yarnowl

    C’ville February 2014 Tote

    Oh My, this bag is beautiful!! Mary Jo you never cease to amaze me.... Just beautiful!!
  13. yarnowl

    My Lined Crochetville Bag

    That is great! The perfect lining to Mary Jo's beautiful creation, well done.
  14. yarnowl

    Color Waves Afghan

    That is beautiful, well done!
  15. yarnowl

    My scrap afghan

    It's gorgeous, well done!