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FLOWERBURST Christmas Doily 2007


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I finally made the time to do pictures today. Wanted to do this for the last couple of days but to many things keep getting in the way. I said today I'm going to get this done if its the last thing I do today. lol..

Got the camera loaded for my crochet doily that I finished last month. This doily I crocheted for year round use for my husband parents is-19"inches,,Magic Crochet book #21, from May 1991. Page 14 Flowerburst, I did rows 1-15....then the rest of the rows I went free form with it. I used size 10 thread in Cream, size 4mm Jonquil AB fire polished beads. I crocheted with Size 9 crochet hook. I am not happy with the bead choice and I should have used white threads, maybe the beads would have showed a little better. I just didn't want the beads to be to eye popping. I Was going after a soft look.

Crocheted by: Terry Devine--sunnywolfgar


t-307232105.jpg <<< clickable



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I think it is lovely, question, do you string your beads on before or do you crochet them in as you go?? I think it looks really good, I love the colors!


I put the beads on before I :hookcrochet - its easyier:yes, they are all on and less chance of loosing :eek the beads or dropping the :( beads.

Once in a blue moon I'll put them on as I go, but thats because I have decided to go a different change--direction--lay out of the beads then what I started and I don't want to cut the thread. This would be a rarely thing tho for me. As I like getting all the beads on the thread first before I start crocheting:hook.

Saves so much time!:yes

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Thanks, Michaels gram--Carol it is good to be done with the packing and finally back. Now we just need a buyer for the house~~~ easier said then done. Cannot wait to move back to Texas :yes~~~:dreaming.

So I have alot of time on my hands now, I'm back , :hookcrocheting:crocheting more, catching up on some mending--sewing :sew - I'm alternaing a few dresses, and doing E-baying :ebaysome stuff we don't want anymore.

Also I love to browsing :ccomputeon the net-window shopping along with my tea :tea but I do end up buying stuff. I love my teas. Today I'm drinking Mounds Tea. Its a bit chilly outside this morning,

I think fall :autumnis going to come earlier this year. The leaves on one of my trees have been falling off for about 4 weeks now.

BY the way, what are you crocheting on now? I'm on the very last row of the baby blanket should be done with it by sunday night.. I should have had it done 2 months ago but so much has been going on. I'm so happy to get it done and move on to the other baby afghan. Lattice stitch already got about 8 rows done, its been a ready bag project. Now I can crochet on it more Monday:yay. Now the other blue baby blanket will be a ready bag project for a while.

Its so good to be back:c9, I have missed:( getting on here everyday!

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