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  1. DivaKat

    How many of you are from NY

    Is anyone still interested in doing this? I would be willing to travel either east to Rochester or west toward Buffalo but there really isn't any place near me.
  2. I would love to take a chance. Your stuff is beautiful. thank you.
  3. I would like to be included, please. What a generous idea!
  4. DivaKat

    From snowy Western New York

    howdy from Batavia!
  5. DivaKat

    Close Thread Please

    I pmed you. Terri
  6. DivaKat

    speedy afghan pattern

    Thanks, a friend from work taught me her standby shell stitch pattern and I am haflway done in probably only 10 hours. Fast and mindless!!!
  7. DivaKat

    speedy afghan pattern

    My daughter has requested I make her an afghan for Christmas. I am looking for a very quick pattern that can be made with Vanna's choice (she already picked the Kelly Green color) and yet is still pretty (and free). Any suggestions?
  8. DivaKat

    I got the craft closet blues...

    I took the laziest way out. I got one of those mesh pop-up laundry hampers and toss em all n there. Still a mess but you can see the skeins and it contains the clutter.
  9. DivaKat

    How many of you are from NY

    Yep, they even have an old fashioned ice cream parlor there now. They are online also if you would lke to order some sponge candy. http://www.oliverscandies.com/
  10. DivaKat

    How many of you are from NY

    cheat! BTW I lived there for 20 years and NEVER heard of Pecksport.
  11. DivaKat

    How many of you are from NY

    a virtual 25 point hook!!!
  12. DivaKat

    How many of you are from NY

    grew up in Bouckville (25 points f you know where that is) and now am in Batavia.
  13. DivaKat

    Cameo Bulky shawl pattern

    I apologize, this should be in the ISO thread. Can someone please move it? Thank you.
  14. DivaKat

    Cameo Bulky shawl pattern

    I was wondering if anyone recently bought any Cameo Bulky yarn from Hobby Lobby and had an extra wrapper that has the shawl pattern on it (in a brown yarn). I am willing to pay postage if someone could kindly send me an extra wrapper, I just do not want to have to buy a skein that I don't need just for the pattern. I was also unable to find it on their website. Thanks in advance and just pm me. Terri