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    crocketting, knitting, painting, drawing, reading, cinema and many more
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    Do I really have to choose?
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    Since 2005 (only a few years)
  1. Just came back to the site after a looong absense. We live close ish to ft wayne, just north of it in kendallville
  2. Well my life has changed a lot , thus the loooong absense. I am now located at kendallville,IN after an unexpected proposal that changed my life . My husband is an over-the-road truck driver and I usually ride with him. I ve had the opportunity to see a lot of the US because of that. Crocheting and knitting is keeping me busy and I am discovering how everything works here. It s great to be back.
  3. They look great I love her patterns and you did good with them
  4. It looks amazing I have been drooling over it for some time , and I think I may have to start on it now
  5. Thank you everyone Melissa , it is basic granny squares but if you want , contact me and I will tell you how I made it
  6. Aww thank you so much it was exactly what I needed...
  7. Hi everyone, I know this is a lot to ask, but I am going to try anyway I recently made these booties which use the daisy stitch, and I wanted to make a baby afghan using it as well, but for the life of me I cannot turn it into a square. I can get the same amount of stitches but it starts going inwards (if that makes sense) so that it s not a square anymore .... anyhelp would be appreciated:manyheart
  8. Oh my these are absolutely stunning. I ve been wanting to make these myself but the project looked too intimidating.... I might just start on them though
  9. Oh this is wonderful . I usualy don t like green but this one is great
  10. Oh it s wonderful and I love the colour :cheers
  11. Thank you so much everyone :manyhearts
  12. Wow you must be very patient it looks amazing I envy your coworker
  13. These are all so wonderful I am sure you will do well
  14. Hi I heard of the jointed stitch but I haven t found a way to make it yet ... I looked online but I had no luck. Maybe someone knows how to make it? thank you
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