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  1. My Mom had a string Easter Egg centerpiece that was stiffened with sugar water. That thing was older than I was. I'll never forget the year that it was rainy and humid and it melted on the dining room table. She cried.
  2. I'm sure you can find a way to salvage it. I would probably just make another one. Sometimes, it's just easier to clip the yarn and start over.
  3. For stand alone baskets I really like 2 strands of yarn and an L hook. It's sturdy, it'll stand on it's own but it might tire your hands while working on it. A friend of mine uses 2 strands and a K hook. My hands can't take that - it's just too tight for me to work with. Carpel tunnel surgery once each was enough for me.
  4. Use a smaller hook. The tighter the fabric the stiffer it is. Most of Caron's yarns are very soft. I'm not surprised that the bigger one doesn't stand on it's own. Whether you use elmer's and water or starch - they'll both fail eventually. The problem I found with elmer's and water with acrylic yarn is that it gets so stiff that the yarn itself can snap like a twig. Yeah, go figure.
  5. The one from Sandcastle is worth EVERY penny! Not only does it do filet, it also does regular charting and you can customize the height of the stitches. Out of all the programs that I've tried - I think it's the best one out there and use it exclusively.
  6. I like the one from Sandcastle Designs.
  7. I would first do a round of sc in the purple and then probably a round of each color and finish it off with a scallop. This way the border will mimic the curve of the flower petals.
  8. You're using yarns that fuzz. Simply Soft is KNOWN for it. Have you tried Caron Natura/Pounder or even Red Heart Super Saver? I used Red Heart Super Soft and it was great to work with and didn't fuzz. I was a little surprised.
  9. I keep a container of good old fashioned Elmers 1/2 and 1/2 with water under the kitchen sink. The stuff lasts forever and it's always handy for dipping little things in it. I either lay them out on saran wrap or waxed paper. That's so cool that it dried clear.
  10. I'm curious to find out if they dried clear.
  11. There's lots of reasons. It gives me something to do with my hands. it's kept me from losing my mind to boredom after a particularly bad car wreck and following surgy when I wasn't physically able to to much else. It never fails to amaze me how a simple string and a crooked stick can make the most beautiful things. It reminds me of my grandmother. It makes the most wonderful presents. That's just off the top of my head.
  12. No apologies necessary, hun. I love that this thread comes up every now and then. I should've said something before - I guess I just wasn't thinking. Everyone's guage is a little different. If the number of rows comes out rectangular instead of square - you can just not do the last row. If it's too short - you can add another. It's a very forgiving pattern.
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