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  1. Thanx so much for the links!!! The sweaters are gorgeous! I made a coming home from the hospital set for my new Granddaughter and a friend fell in LOVE with it. I love making stuff for people that really 'get it'. I ended up going with this one http://www.justcrochet.com/textured-coat-usa.html for this sweater but now I have a couple more to try.
  2. There are sooooo many beautiful newborn sweater sets for girls. Do you have one for a boy? Those are not as easy to find. Thanx!
  3. RoseRed

    A doily with a 3D-optic in Elisa thread size 20

    Those are AWESOME! I just love your work
  4. RoseRed

    adult frog hat

    So cute!
  5. RoseRed

    Granddaughter's Comedy/Drama graph ghan

  6. RoseRed

    Beginner help needed please :-)

    American and UK use the same name for different stitches. Which would you prefer to learn?
  7. RoseRed

    Made all my Xmas gifts, am not happy :(

    Looks like it's a lesson learned. I think it's happened to most of us at some point.
  8. RoseRed

    Caught a snag! (literally) Help, please.

    If it comes out again after you wash it - a drop of tacky glue will keep it in place.
  9. RoseRed

    Doilies made in Egypt in November 2015

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when you share your Work. Another stunning collection! Just beautiful!
  10. RoseRed

    Discovering a stitch

    You can get a similar look with tunisian, too.
  11. RoseRed

    My latest Gütermann sewing thread doily

    Your work is amazing. You are such an ispiration!
  12. RoseRed

    Need more help/opinions....

    What size hook? 175 is four feet and 300 is almost double that.
  13. RoseRed

    Need more help/opinions....

    Has anyone looked at the link? It's a beautiful scarf! Caron simply soft doesn't have the body to hold that shape unless you want to use a G hook. I would use either Red heart and an H or I hook or Caron Pounder (Natura) with an I or J hook depending on your gauge. All the companies have to do is leave a slightly longer tail in the center. Shouldn't be that hard, right?
  14. RoseRed

    Need more help/opinions....

    I doubt it's talking about how tightly your balls are wound but the actual twist and spin of the yarn itself. Caron Pounder is a good substitute. It's soft, similar in size and holds up well.