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  1. Anyone else? I wanna knit up all the yarn I own into something entrelac. LOL.
  2. Ooh so beautiful. Makes me want to do one!!
  3. Youtube for me as well. I have to watch it being done - a picture just won't help. THANK goodness there's always a video for what I need help with. Isn't technology Grand????????
  4. I like them. I have only used them to finish off a couple of hats - and I have started a sock for the sock class I am going to take - it IS quite frustrating at the beginning off a sock! But i don't think I'll ever delve into that Magic Loop. I checked it out and I don't think it's for me.
  5. I still haven't taken my sock class "yet" - life has gotten in the way. But soon!!!! In the meantime I have been enjoying making dishcloths, trying out new stitches/techniques.
  6. Hi - I have a few bags of old thread that was donated to me a few years ago....and I need to thin out my stuff. I also have a bag of diff crochet books and magazines to go along with it. I really hate to toss it- but I just can't take it with me when I move = I need to purge!! I am Lawrenceville, the Berkmar cluster area. I can meet you somewhere. Email me at: suzkelly@gmail.com First come, First served Oh I also need to add - it has to be a local thing. Too much stuff to mail. Sorry......
  7. I am just having a wonderful time with the knitting. I have advanced on to socks now - and dabbling with lace....Woo Hoo:cheer
  8. Very Pretty!!!!! You gave me a good idea - I just bought some of that thread today and wasn't sure what to do with it!
  9. Yes that makes total sense. I see that with knitting there is a LOT more writing down and keeping track of things as you go. Index cards would be great for this - think I'll get some!!!! Thanks:)
  10. Very Nice!! I just learned how to knit myself and am eager to get started on some real projects. However I think I'll stick with dishcloths until I get more comfortable with it. I need to get out and buy a pattern book. Are you on the knitting forum here???
  11. That is a wonderful idea!!! I did find some sampler squares I was fiddling around with - but already hit a roadblock. I am going to the yarn shop this week and get some help. Thanks for that great idea.
  12. It's beautiful - love those colos!
  13. OOH I am checking out the harmony needles...they look devine!!!
  14. Ahh....lots of good info you have shared there...thank you I've seen those double points needles and wondered what they were for. OH gosh I am already loving it - a bit too much. I want to just lock myself up somewhere - where no one will bother me - and knit knit knit. LOL
  15. Thanks, Carla - I will definitely check that out!! Circulars are used for bigger projects, right?? I already know that I prefer a wooden needle to an aluminum. I bought a pair of needles at the shop for class yesterday - Brittany needles 10" #7. I love them. Then last night I ran to walmart and bought a pack of aluminum needles. UGH. do not like them one bit. What do you prefer??? And I will always love my crochet, too - not turning my back on it, but I am going to be all involved with this knitting thing for a while to get proficient at it.
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