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  1. Jeepngirl. Where are you at "in your rv"? We have came down to Arizona to get out of the rain in Oregon.
  2. I also am retired and we travel in our RV. So I crochet whenever we are moving. But when we are stopped I crochet ever minute I can. Always about an hour in the morning with my coffee then after dinner, all evening.
  3. I'm 60 and learned to crochet when I was 16
  4. 57 and crocheting since I was 16..... I taught my granddaughter to crochet when she was 5..
  5. I crochet mainly with thread and I don't think it is expensive at all. A ball of thread is 1.43 in size 10 and it takes about 3 hours to use up a ball, so at that isn't all that bad at all....You of course can get more expenisive thread/yarn, but i you want to crochet and are limited on money you can..... When I was first married, we had NO money, and I had a skein of yarn someone had given me, and I would crochet it out and them frog it and do it again, it wasn't very pretty, but keep me busy....
  6. Oh MY, burnout?? I am so sorry, I hope you all get to feeling better soon. Nope I don't have it, but I didn't stay up all night and finish like you poor gals did.... I am glad you finished, take a few days off, you will be back to it soon. If not take a trip to a yarn store or go through your patterns, that will make you ready to go again.......hope you feel better soon!!
  7. Wow. they look great...can;t wait to see them finished....Good Job!!
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