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  1. I made these hats for my sisters granddaughters, they loved their ''tangled hair hats''.
  2. I make baby hats and donate to my local hospital, my niece is a delivery nurse there, I don't wash them, but am very careful to keep the yarn and area I crochet in, very clean. I do all colors, my niece says they let mothers pick and the brights go over as well as pastels. I have about a hundred I made the last two months while we've been in az for the winter, will deliver them when we get home in about two weeks, still cold in oregon so they will be appreciated.
  3. Found red today:-). The yarn is Starbella by premier yarns Very easy to make. I watched how on u tube. Thanks for all the nice comments!
  4. Just finished these two scarfs for my daughter, can't find any more of the yarn, she wants a red one. So fun to make
  5. You did a great job. I make and donate to the local hospital baby unit. My neice is a delievery nurse and gives out the hats I make. She says they are always pleased to recieve them...good job!
  6. This is gorgeous yarn. Anything you make will be lovely
  7. Welcome, I'm also from oregon but I'm in az for the winter
  8. Jeepngirl. Where are you at "in your rv"? We have came down to Arizona to get out of the rain in Oregon.
  9. I also am retired and we travel in our RV. So I crochet whenever we are moving. But when we are stopped I crochet ever minute I can. Always about an hour in the morning with my coffee then after dinner, all evening.
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