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    Crochet addict, love spending time with my grandson
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    Queens, NY
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    Crocheting, Knitting, Scrapbooking
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    Retired Admistrative Assistant in Electrical Industry
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    Baby items, every new baby should have something handmade
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  1. Michaels Gram

    Who wants a chance at a shawl pin? Winner Announced!

    Please count me in for the lovely shawl pin. Thank you, Carol
  2. Michaels Gram

    Thread cardigan

    That is beautiful and you did a great job on it. Carol
  3. Michaels Gram

    Toddler dress and hat.

    The outfit you made is just so adorable and I would like to know the name of that yarn if you could tell me I would appreciate it. I make baby sweaters and that would be great for them. This is made with the new Bernat yarn that makes flowers as you crochet or knit.
  4. Nice stuff I love the sparkly one's and you have enough to make things and can use the sparkle stuff for embellishment if you want too. Have fun with it.
  5. Michaels Gram

    with a ????? help!!!

    Yes that's exactyly what it is a Half Double Crochet.
  6. Michaels Gram

    Woohoo! Its done!!!

    Melanie its as gorgeous as the one you did of your grandparents and I know your aunt is going to flip over it. Great job as usual. Carol
  7. Michaels Gram

    Newborn Romper I just Finished

    Very nice I love the color too.
  8. Michaels Gram

    Is it just me? ... or Canada?

    Darski the same thing is happening here. Last week my friend went to buy some stuff and I asked her to pick up the POL and she said they were $8.00 each, I was like your kidding they use to be $5.99 and when I looked it was on sale at A.C. Moore for $5.99 reg. price $8.00. They keep hiking up the prices and giving us nothing for our money - good old rip off as usual.
  9. Michaels Gram

    Baby Sweater

    That is a gorgeous set and you did a great job on it. Where did you get the pattern for it?
  10. Michaels Gram

    What's your "crochet" horror story!

    All I can say is "Oh how mean" people can be so vicious, that hurt me when I read it, I thought you were going to say they returned it to you. Sorry you experienced that. Carol
  11. Michaels Gram

    Christening Set

    That is so gorgeous I would love to see a bigger picture of it, can you please post one so we can see the workmanship that went into it. Thank you. Carol
  12. Michaels Gram

    Dish Cloth Kit Giveaway **The Winner is... hershey038**

    I would like my name added too Michaelsgram - Carol
  13. Michaels Gram

    Just how old are you?

    I'm 66 and I learned how to crochet and embroaider by my mother when I was 8 or 9, she also taught me how to embroider. When I got married and pregnant that's when I really started to do knit and crochet and I've never put them down since then. Can you believe I don't remember how to embroider and I would love to learn how again.
  14. Michaels Gram

    Help me asap with tassels!!

    When you make the pom pom and you tie it you leave a long enough string that you can attach to the other piece by using either a crochet hook or a sewing needle. Just pull it through and attach it and then bury the ends. When you say tassle do you mean just a piece of yarn hanging down because I don't think you mean a tassle or if you do I don't understand why you would want to put a tassle and pom pom's together. I hope this helped you if not write again. Carol
  15. Michaels Gram

    Big Button Beret

    I love that hat you did a great job with only one new skein of yarn LOL!