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  1. Thanks for your time. It didn't work for her. Oh well . She just gave me the card to use at her store. I really wanted the yarn winder. Oh well, she did all she could. Thanks again Brenda
  2. My DD who works for Joanns wants to buy me a gift for past B-day. It's on sale this weekend only. Only on line. Problem is her managers have no idea what the code is to get her discount. Can anyone help to find out what her store code is? The store is in West Melbourne FL. She paid for a gift card for this item to get it for me but they seem to be clueless about her online discount code. Not asking for anyones code. Just need help to find out how she can get hers. Main Office is closed on sundays so calling them is out. Is it her employee # plus?? Helpppppppppp Thanks Brenda
  3. That came out beautiful. WOW only your 3rd? Glad those notes helped out. Brenda
  4. That Is IT THANK YOU again an again an again Brenda
  5. I am trying to help someone find this pattern so she can have it redone Because she lost the dress during a move and her grandmother had made it for her. If anyone has seen this pattern in a book or on line FREE or for SALE Please help. Pineapplebabydress pictures from friends & fun photos on webshots Forgot to add The dress is for a child of about 6 months of age. TIA Brenda
  6. Beautiful Lori. Love how you used the colors. Brenda
  7. NaturallyCaron.com :: Chakra Purse I haven't tried it yet . But hope to start it soon. I'll let you know. Brenda
  8. Those are so neat. I have one allready done just need to sew it together. BUT as always I cant find my yarn needle. Grrrrrrrrr Thanks for the pattern. Brenda
  9. Wow that looks great. Hope to see the other one soon. But don't push it with your hands hurting. Brenda
  10. Very Pretty. Looks like alot of work. Brenda
  11. That came out great and a good size also. Brenda
  12. Amy don't let the LITTLE things worry you. I think most of us when going from yarn to thread worry if we can really do this. My 1st Doily was done in size 3 royale. Then I did a few more in that size. Going to size 10 from that was alot easier then I would have believed. Petite Pineapple Doily Try something small (as in the link above). Please ask ?'s when you need help. Brenda
  13. Maybe one of these will work? [ws] Color Scheme Generator 2 Color Schemer - Online Color Scheme Generator
  14. That is pretty Thanks for sharing. Brenda
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