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My Camo Dog Sweater


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I wanted to crochet :crocheting a sweater for my dog but I wanted a free pattern that:


*Was easy to pull on and off his head

*Had holes where I could fit his harness through to attach a leash

*Was warm

*That could be knit with knitting worsted weight yarn

*That was a quick crochet (could be done in an evening)

*Could be crocheted in one piece (too lazy to sew seams)

*Was stylish (I liked the shaped sweaters)


Although there are a ton of free knit dog sweaters, there seems to be very few free crochet :hook patterns. So I took matters into my own hands and created this jacket for my new dog Sammy:






I made it in camo since my hubby walks the dog sometimes and he wouldn't walk the dog if Sammy's jacket were too feminine looking.

:lol It's mostly treble crochet except for the 4" ribbing at the neck. It's an easy slip on/off jacket.


It was hard to get closer photos of the jacket since my dog never stops moving.



I've got to sit down and write out the pattern. Wasn't too difficult.





P.S. I've since written out the pattern and you can find it on my blog here.

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:wavingI love it! My Nellie Belle, Opi and MIL's Sofia would love it too. OK, I'm lying, I would like it very much for them. They just tolerate being dressed LOL!

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That is just precious!!

You did a great job, and your little Sammy wouldn't want to be labeled as feminine either, so I think you've done right by the dog and your husband.

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Thanks, everyone for your kind comments about Sammy!


I've had a chance to write out the pattern and you can find it at my blog. I haven't tested it fully so please keep this in mind if you try it. Feedback is always welcome.



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