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  1. I have a free pattern on my site for a tank top like that. http://kristinaskrochet.50webs.com/warmparadisetanktop.htm It's only for a "B" cup, but it might help get you started. Also, I have another top that is beaded, and very pretty, that is sooo close to being posted. It'll be a "for sale" pattern. You might want to keep an eye out for that. I have designed/made a lot of bathing suits and tank tops through the years. For swim suits I always use 100% cotton thread #3 or #10. For tank tops you need a #3 or #10 yarn/thread that is of a smooth texture. It really needs to be a cotton blend or a rayon blend. Something like that. You don't really want a tight stitch pattern in the cups, because it will be too hot around the girls. Hdc is about the smallest you want it to be. I do a lot of cups with an open work stitch all the time. The best way to take care of the top being see through is to sew a lining in the cups. I will also be posting a video link on my website that will show the best way of sewing lining. I hope this helps.
  2. Something that would be popular are headbands for babies. They would be lower priced and easy to make. It's something that mothers would snatch up quick.
  3. My crochet schedule is sooo crazy. I work full-time and run my website working on new patterns all the time. Right now, I am working on 2 tank top patterns, but I have about 8 patterns that I never got written up from last winter, that hopefully will get done for this winter. sigh. That's not counting ALL the other projects that I started that won't ever get done. There are times that I do feel overwhelmed, but, for the most part, I enjoy the challenge and push. If I get overwhelmed, then I just take a week off. That's about all I can stand, though. Crochet designing gives me such pleasure.
  4. If I understand you right, you're saying that you didn't see any written pattern instructions. If so, then I would say that you were inspired and wrote out your own pattern. I'm sure some of the ones who know more about this will comment, but I don't think that it's copying if you never saw the instructions to begin with.
  5. Coming from a crochet designer who sells PDF patterns online, I have found that the majority of customers want their patterns right away. They just don't want to wait. This is how they can get instant gratification. LOL. I sell PDF pattern versus WORD, because it takes more work for someone to copy the pattern for illegal reasons. If someone contacted me and wanted the pattern mailed to them, I would have no problem doing that. There would be an small charge for printing and postage, of course.
  6. This is why I sell patterns, instead of finished items. I used to sell finished items. I was crocheting 24/7, getting CTS in all my joints on both arms, and hardly making any money. Now, I make the pattern once, but keep making money. Like I said, I do pretty good. I sell several patterns a day. That's pretty good for me, since I work a full-time job, and only work on a new pattern for about an hour a night. The faster you put out new patterns, the better you do. The key is to find something that there is a market for. I do well with purses and dog clothing all year round, and during the winter I sell a lot of women's sweaters. Also, people will keep coming back to you, if they find that you write your patterns out well and there are a lot of photos in them.
  7. I have a good one.... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to crochet picots. Sigh. I know. It's almost like a curse, but I do love making them. I put them in so many projects that I do. I love making doilies. I hate anything crocheted for the bathroom. I don't like any yarn that is rough or scratchy to the skin. I think it's silly to dress your pooch, but I am a pooch dress designer. hee hee. I've recently fallen in love with felting, but before never knew what the big deal was before. I love perfection if you can't see all the mistakes that I fudged. snicker I don't look at people's pattern instructions, because I don't want to be accused of copying their pattern.
  8. I love Crochet Dude's designs, and I'm very familiar with him. I was asking more from a design point, though, since I am always looking to see what direction I would like to go in next. I have made a lot of women's clothing/accessories patterns, but always get stuck when it comes to men. I just see so many scarves and hat patterns out there for men. I would like to do something different, though. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I need to think on this some more. I like challenging myself.
  9. That's what I was thinking, too. There's not much knitted or crochet items that you can make for a guy anymore. The Q&A that they had recently had a lot of people saying that they would like more men's patterns. I honestly can't think of much to make for guys that guys would want to wear outside of hats and scarves. I can offer to crochet them a speedo, but I don't think that would go over well. LOL Thanks for your responses.
  10. klouised

    Chi coat

    I have one on my website for free that fits a 5 lbs dog. Also, I have plenty for sale patterns.
  11. The publishers ask that you have, at least, 3 sizes in a clothing pattern. The one I'm doing now has 5. It's making it pretty difficult to write out, though. It's much more labor intensive.
  12. I just read some posts where people said that they would like to see more crochet patterns for men. My question to all of you is... What would men like that's crocheted? So, all you men feel free to answer and the ladies can ask their men what they would like. There was a time where men liked wearing crochet vests and such, but I don't think that it's as popular now as it used to be. All I can think of is caps. Let us know what you think.
  13. I use 6 mm beads for size 10 bead spread weight thread, and I use 2 mm beads for size 3 cotton thread. The size 3 can go on any size 3 yarn. I don't know about 8 mm beads. They sound a bit small. Try size 12 thread, but most people don't like using size 10 thread, much less size 12. Good luck.
  14. I've had my share of tangles, too. I work with a lot of beaded crochet work. I string like 50 beads or more on my thread, then I have this long stretch of thread that moves and seeks out ways to get looped and tangled. Aarg!
  15. People tell me that I am crazy, because I LOVE the picot. I want to put it on everything that I do. I love it in yarn and thread, especially when I add beads.
  16. I have one on my site called Autumn Sunset Sweater
  17. klouised

    Favorite Program?

    Thanks for the links!
  18. klouised

    Favorite Program?

    Has anyone found a program that makes graphs in the round, like for a motif? I checked on it awhile back, but found nothing. Just wondering if, by some miracle, the big businesses will let that program out in the public without having to pay a HUGE price for it.
  19. When you use crochet thread it won't be as filled in as say a thicker yarn. Yarn is fuzzier, so the "fuzzies" help make the stitches more solid. Thread dcs will be more see through than ones with yarn. Just keep a close eye on your tension to make sure that it's not too loose.
  20. Thanks everyone. I really enjoyed making this one. I had a lot of fun figuring out how to make the flower and make it to look real. I used wire, beads and pipe cleaners. HA HA. It worked, though. I counted the reference photos in the pattern, and there were 22! Yipes! I knew I took a lot, but not that many. Hopefully, no one will be getting stuck on the instructions with that many photos.
  21. Here is my latest design. It's a basket weave style purse that's accented with a tropical hibiscus flower. The flower is actually 3 dimensional and realistic looking. I had a lot of fun designing it. I have more photos on my site, if you like to see more. Thanks for looking.
  22. The designer is Magda Berliner . If you go to the bottom of her page and look at all her past designs, you'll see a lot of crochet in her work. Pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.
  23. This type of thing is what is so scary for the designers who try hard to be honest. I've gotten to the point where I can't allow myself to look at anyone's instructions. If someone ever accuses me of copying their work, at least I know for sure that there was no chance that I did. You get to a certain point where you can look at a lot of work and figure out how it's made, anyways. It's pretty basic. I have had it happen where I got inspired with a "new" design, made it, then saw online that lots of people haf already been inspired by that "new" idea. sigh. It kinda pops your bubble. lol. I like to think that I'm more original than I really am. ha ha.
  24. Thanks everybody. I really love what I do. You should see all the projects in my office that are just waiting for me to find the time to write up. Whew. It's hard to work 2 jobs and a website. Flia- I use Krochet, because it's a spin off of the spelling of my name Kristina. It helps it to stand out. Roli- I remember when you told us about your loss. I felt so bad for you. It always makes me teary eyed when I hear of different ones who lose a pet that is so dear to them. Rosie, the oldest, is about 8 years old now. It's creeping up. It's crazy to worry about it, but I do. They are such a joy to me. It takes that one special pet to open a person's eyes to how special that relationship can be. I think that it's a great idea for you to get another furbaby.
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