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    i am a SAHM of princess dirtyfeet of stinky butt land
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    in the mountains
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    i crochet, bake, macrame, and generally raise ruckus.
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    hats scarves, afghans. things i can complete mindlessly
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    my granny taught me to crochet when i was young.....
  1. i agree about the hook size! what size hook are you using?? it looks nice so far though!
  2. i like that color too! let us know how the cotton works out!
  3. here is a picture of my cousins round ripple...any suggestions? i am using an N hook clickyclicky
  4. yippee!!!!!!! i am 15 rows in, hopefully ill remember to search out the digi tomorrow and take pics. my dd calls it " snowflake" (she 2, and cant quiiite pronounce it properly. its funny to me:lol
  5. hi everyone! i have just started my first round ripple! i am using a N hook and caron one pounders in sky blue and "new white" (as opposed to "old white" ??? i guess..... ) it is a gift for my cousin, who is about to have her first baby. i have never used Caron before and its so SOFT! is it like redheart where it gets even softer as you wash it???
  6. wow! compared to ya'll...i got....nothing. i have 1 tote thats full...i think its a 20 gallon. and my BF says i have too much and im not allowed to buy anymore till i use what i have...... i'll be ANYONES friend!!! jeez..... *goes off to feel sorry for myself and my pitiful stash...*
  7. i would let her be surprised...or maybe just tell her there is a package on the way? and yes Krystal, you are queen of the afghans.
  8. mine will be sent this afternoon. it was naptime, so.....
  9. im in. i am using the lacy cross (#19) in 200 crochet blocks by jan eaton. i already have your snail mail addy krystal. i will put it in the mail tomorrow.
  10. hi everybody! i am new to the central pa area. i recently moved to selinsgrove. if anyones near me, feel free to say hey!
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