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  1. @Tampa Doll If you really want to make him, you could whip up a bunch for the Peds floor at a local hospital, homeless shelter, or domestic abuse shelter. Sometimes, fire stations or plice department will also take donations of toys that they give to children for comfort measures.
  2. That is beautiful! Would you care to share where you found the pattern? ETA: Oh my goodness, you've already answered this question. Never mind. lol
  3. That is gorgeous- well done! you are much braver than I- that pattern scares me! lol. I received one of these in a swap a while back, done in the same color and yarn. It receives lots of compliments!
  4. LOL, wow. I haven't pulled this project out in about 2 years. Its such a shame too because its a gorgeous 'ghan...
  5. I'm excited about this swap! I've never done hats before, outside of regular stocking caps. Plus, this is a smaller group o f ladies, which should make it a little more cozy. I've already got a pattern in mind for my partner, kuddlekubs.
  6. My KISS package is sent and received, but my kitchen package is still in progress.
  7. fantastic! Thank you for sharing that link- I've printed out the instructions!
  8. If its a housewarming gift or wedding gift, a large tote with a large bow or ribbons on top would be good. Solves your wrapping problem, and the recipient gets some extra storage!
  9. *humming the "Mission Impossible" theme* Thanks for the laugh, that was a hoot!!!
  10. All right Jackie, you've twisted my arm- I'm in!!! I'll be sending in my survery shortly. Other than winter caps, I've never done hats before. this is going to be fun!
  11. Looks great! Thats a fabulous idea too- the comfort of your favorite hat with the versatility of many different hats!
  12. Holy cats! I have received a beutiful package from my partner, shannie_nae. Sorry there are no picks, but I received it on my way to work and will have to take pics later tonight. She sent: 4 placemats in a creamy yellow 2 hanging handtowels 2 dishclothes 1 cozy pair of maroon slippers a beautiful thread bookmark post-it notes and chocolate one tote bag and a perfect country blue scarf. all of it crochted, except the tote bag (and postit notes of course!) Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  13. Hi distinctives_123! this will be a really fun and simple swap!
  14. The issue before last of Crochet Today had a pattern for a hat with earflaps- I think that would be great for a guy! Does he have any other hobbies like hunting or sports? My BIL is a hunter and requested a warm hat and wool socks for cold weather hunting.
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