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    I mostly crochet hats and scarves for my kids. I also crochet hats for charties and cancer patients.
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  1. Hi all: I'd love to make this lovely poncho but I'm noticing the finished product tends to fit on the larger side. I'm 5'7" tall and weigh about 100 lbs. Does anyone have any advice about how to downsize this one? I'm thinking that if I cast on 80 sts as suggested it'll be way too big by the time it "fans out". I'm using Caron SS as my yarn and haven't picked a hook size yet. Any advice would be welcomed.
  2. I hope this is the proper place to post thank yous.... Over the past week, I have received wonderful gifts from swap angels. I'm somewhat tardy in extending my thanks as it's been a very stressful time in our household. What you may not know is that I've been pretty much in active treatment for breast cancer for the past 6 years. I think I've been in remission once in all that time. About 1.5 weeks ago, after yet more progression, I started chemotherapy for the 8th time in 6 years. Although chemo is tough, this one hospitalized me and I was so sick that I have little or no recollection of what happened to me in the hospital while I was there. One of those days was my birthday and I just don't remember it. Birthdays are milestones for me as it's one more year I've been around to "fight" this cancer. By not remembering the day, I felt somewhat cheated and disappointed. Days went by in a blur...I still can't believe we're now in the month of March - it feels like it's still February to me... anyway, I digress... I mention all this because on my return home, I had surprise parcels waiting for me. I've opened 2 so far and I know there are others currently at the post office awaiting pickup. My mobility is limited from the living room to the kitchen so I'm not yet strong enough to drive to the postoffice to get them. My husband will be going this weekend for me to get the other(s). The first parcel I opened was "tea" themed. Anyone who knows me knows that I EXIST on tea. I also received a great tea magazine I'd never seen before (which comes in handy since I'm sitting all day at home with nothing to do) and some pretty cotton cloths. Thank you so much, angel. The other parcel had some "birthday" goodies in it as well as some cotton cloths, a Hostess snack (I'd never seen that before but my hubby - from the U.S., knew all about it) and some Caron SS (which we can't get here in Toronto). Thank you, angel!!! When I get stronger, I'll be sure to post some photos and when I get the other gifts from the PO, I'll be posting more thank yous. The good news is that I'm still alive and somewhat kickin'. The generosity of people here at Crochetville is unrivalled. I guess there are worse things that could happen to someone than having to sit on their butt all day at home with time to crochet. My hubby and daughters are just happy to still have a wife and mom. Sorry for the lengthy post. I think the drugs have fried my brain somewhat so forgive me if this post seems some what scrambled.... I just felt I had to explain...
  3. Love it!!! You did a great job and although it's big on him, it does look great. I really like the colour. I find it's a real challenge to photograph a dog. It was a nightmare trying to get my bichon to sit still long enough to take a snapshot, hence the hard to see stitches on Ravelry.
  4. My 10 year old daughter and I sat down prepared to watch the whole thing from start to finish. We were off to a great start then I "knocked off" for most of the parade of athletes. She knocked me back awake then I turned to look over a few minutes later and she was asleep! I woke her back up, and so it went. We agreed to keep poking each other if we noticed the other had fallen asleep. I missed seeing the crocheted hats.... Watching as a "big city Torontonian", it was an interesting experience. Couldn't say I related to the aboriginal stuff, have never seen rolling fields of grain in the mid-west, and was never a fan of "East Coast" music myself. Although the far north seems interesting, I've never been there either so it was quite a learning experience, overall. Strange that seeing as I'm Canadian, I couldn't really relate to their snapshot of "Canadian Life".... I was glad to see Rick Hansen bring in the torch at the end. I say they should have had Wayne Gretzky run with the torch to the waterfront instead of getting a ride. Would have kept me awake to see if he could actually do it.
  5. Love it!!! Thank you so much for sharing. This is why I love Crochetville!!!
  6. Pattern Information Pattern Description: When I originally designed this pattern, it was for my use only. I quickly wrote down some instructions and posted it online thinking that someone may find it useful but never took the time required to "refine" the instructions. Little did I know that this pattern would become somewhat popular and I feel it important now to give this pattern a better "work over". Having some testers would help work out some "kinks" providing an easier pattern to follow for everyone. Pattern Style: written Pattern Photo: Skill Level: Easy/Intermediate Yarn/Material/Tools Required: Worsted weight yarn such as Red Heart Super Saver (1 skein) and a crochet hook to match "gauge". You can find this pattern on Ravelry by searching "Camo dog Jacket". Tester Information Number of Testers Needed: 3 Approximate Time Required to Complete Project: an evening or two of TV crocheting. I can crochet one of these in an evening. Deadline: February 15/2010 Tester Experience: Someone who reads crochet patterns and has the ability to make suggestions to improve an existing pattern. Tester Responsibilities (what exactly do you want testers to do and what information do you want them to supply to you): I'd love some testers who can try this pattern and note any roadblocks in the pattern, suggestions for clearer phrasing (if necessary). If you can report your findings to me via e-mail or as a PM, that would be great. Any Special Software Requirements (Microsoft Word, pdf reader, etc.): Adobe Acrobat reader to open the pattern file. Compensation Please specify what compensation you are offering to pattern testers: No compensation at this time other than the knowledge that you're helping to clarify a free pattern that will be useful to others on the Internet. You'll also help to keep many doggies warm this winter. If you own a dog, your beloved doggie will have a sweater afterwards. Thanks, everyone! Cheryl.
  7. Very pretty! I love making baby clothes with crochet thread also. I've found that if I use a Size 3 crochet cotton (rather than a size 10), I can convert many DK and worsted weight patterns.
  8. Sounds interesting. Might help me get caught up on my dishcloth quota. Cheryl.
  9. Very pretty and practical. I always loved a simple fitted cap during chemo and often wished it had a little bit of "embellishment".
  10. How about: http://cache.lionbrand.com/patterns/60422.html?noImages=0 http://www.garnstudio.com/lang/en/visoppskrift.php?d_nr=104&d_id=25〈=us Cheryl.
  11. I knit my dishcloths mostly. When I try to crochet my dishcloths, I find they're too thick for my liking. Is this is the nature of crocheted cloths or are there some tricks I can use to make them less thick yet not so loose that they lose their shape after a washing. I use Bernat handicrafter cotton for my cloths. Thanks.
  12. Hi Diana (autumn_nights84)+++ As mentioned in e-mail, your package is on its way. You've been a great swap buddy and I hope you like your gifts. Merry Christmas! Cheryl (mason204)
  13. Hi all: I'm looking for a crochet stitch that looks similar. It doesn't have to look exactly the same. I know I've seen it before but I've checked all my stitch dictionaries and can't find it. Thanks.
  14. I just finished the sleeves on the first one and now I'm done with #1! I'm about to start the second and I think I might just take up on the idea of crocheting the sleeves separately and whip stitching them on. I had to crochet one first just to get a "feel" for how it's done. Now that I know, I can take some liberties with the second one. Here's what I've learned: The body takes literally no time at all I'll use a smaller crochet hook next time as the afghan really stretches and the gauge changed after about 10 rows I'll probably whip stitch the sleeves on afterwards On to the second one....
  15. Here's a photo of my almost complete wrap snuggie (before I put the arms on). It's so big it's difficult to photograph properly.
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