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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful photos! You did a great job! So happy you enjoyed my class and pattern. I will be offering the class again in August. Right now we are doing a Top Down Pineapple Shawl and it's going very well. Thank you for your your supportive thoughts and messages.
  2. I had a couple of requests for a tiger chart. I made two of them. One is very realistic and the other is more of a line drawing. Take your pick! Tell me what you think, OK? http://crochetliving.blogspot.com/2008/05/crochet-tiger-chart-or-graph-two.html
  3. That's one of my favorite doilies!
  4. That is such a pretty pattern and you did a wonderful job with it!
  5. What am interesting concept! Your sweater came out great!
  6. I think that your afghan is just darling! What a talented 10 year old !
  7. The one with the widow's peak is great!
  8. Absolutely fantastic! Thank you for the cool directions for flattening the fabric, too!
  9. Nicely done! And I'm with you on the Cotton Pus. It's a good yarn.
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