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dog torture :D


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one night my dog was laying peacefully on my floor... and of course i couldnt have that!!! (and i just found a cool flower pattern) so i made this for her





but dont worry she got a reward




i love my baby, shes such a good little girl. she LOVES dressing up, she gives me this poor abused look when i take her clothes off :manyheart


her name is roxy (or roxanne, or poodle, or poopoo, or poodle bug *and the list continues*) shes a 9 year old poodle and totally glued to me

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hehe thanks everyone

shes very spoiled, i even made her a cake on her birthday


she doesnt really need a crocheted bed, she has a huge pile of blankets and pillows (her bed), my dirty clothes, and my bed to choose from

right now shes on my clothes lol

but she probably will get one some day lol... she already loves laying on skeins of yarn and projects (she doesnt hurt them, just lays there)

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Cute! Your dog is lovely Michelle! It is fun to play with them....you are lucky that your dog lets you do this -mine is grumpy! He would never let me put clothes on him!:lol

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:hi Michelle!

I like the flower:flower ...it looks great with his color!!! Don't they feel so special when they are dressed-up!!!:D

Your baby is so sweet!!!:yes And very relaxed!!! :yawn Mine is the same way!:)

He just loves the clothes I make for him...he will go to his clothes and

whine:sigh until I put on the one he wants to wear!!! He is a 7 pound

poodle...he is registered as red...but has faded to a very light apricot

(blonde). He is 10 and he is my baby!!!:bheart


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So cute!

Anytime anythings on my 120 lb baby he gives me the look, "I'm the alpha, take this off me" lol. But if I put a square or something on his head for fun most times he just sits there until I'm done teasing or thinks it's his new toy...

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Oh, too cute! We had a poodle when I was really young. His name was Skeeter. Mom brought him to the groomers and got little blue foam bows in his hair and polished his toenails blue too. :)

My Janey is too high strung...I've honestly never tried to crochet her anything -- she's got a double coat and we live in FL, but I never thought about a little FLOWER! She's my buddy!! She's actually (shhh!! don't tell her, she gets a big head about it) my favorite family member! Follows me everywhere, even if she finds a nice spot to lay, she's up at my heels as soon as I move through the doorway. if her leash gets up under her arm/leg while I walk her, she gets up on my shin and begs me (with this desparate look of terror in her eyes!!) until I fix it for her. I tried putting her in a harness at the pet store - same thing! I actually got her to walk a few steps in it, but she was high-stepping -- it was super funny! She chases her tail. Hunts lizards. Eats cat poop when she can find some. And is a constant source of entertainment!! She's a mutt. probably some Chow in her because she has a purple tongue and the same color coat as a Chow, but she's only 20 lbs. She's a stray a friend of mine found wandering in her neighborhood. Her REAL name is Jane Doe, but we call her Janey. She's been my little Janey Butt ever since.

k, after all of that rambling - can you tell I love my dog?!?!? :lol

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