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  1. I like both, but I like crocheting more than knitting because: *its easier to put down *no dropped stitches *faster *needles sometimes feel awkward *easier to fix mistakes *can crochet the ends in *doesnt curl as much, if at all *easier to edge *patterns tend to be more logical to me
  2. that is a very valid point though, i have 2 dogs and i know from experience their claws do get caught in them fairly often, it REALLY upsets them when it happens i've even seen them get their teeth caught yup that too my dogs totally ruined a blanket by scratching it, they pulled too many loops and its just bad (it was one of grandmoms WIPs, she gave up on it)
  3. yup a lot of it is because my wrists/hands hurt or im afraid they'll start hurting if i do... and recently because i've been so tired
  4. i take it off as soon as im indoors my gloves go into 1 pocket and hat goes in the other i dont wear hats that often but i keep it in my pocket just in case, i prefer sweatshirt hoods (i hate my jackets hood...fur trim, so i took it off)
  5. i usually pull from the center of the skein, but sometimes i cant find it or inside of the skein is all tangled (more than usual), then i ball it when working with huge skeins sometimes i roll it into 2 balls, other times i just work with the huge skein
  6. im young and i knit and crochet so im not snobbish towards either but im also not the hippest and i learned to do both before the trend the ones ive ran into a problem with were around middle aged i have 3 major strikes against me in the snob world *im young (so i must be doing it to be cool and i must not be good at it) *im horribly allergic to wool and most other animal fibers *i knit and crochet, but prefer crochet i end up getting treated pretty badly in snob yarn shops, ive been in 3, 2 were ok, 1 was horrible ive even been treated badly in acmoore and michaels for it... next time i go into a store and am looked down on im going to tell them im looking for yarn for my niece to cut up and glue on paper hehe
  7. well you could just ask for cash and spend it there
  8. i dont think i would have noticed it if you didnt mention it but if i were you id use another color like cream or chocolate, like someone else said
  9. i think its cool in a funky way the part that creeps me out is the turkeys eyes... plain white circles make scary eyes...
  10. my grandmom crochets and knits (i do both too), i live in the same house as her, but she hasent been doing either lately im always stealing her hooks and yarn and a few of my friends know how too one friend and her sister crochet and knit another friend crochets, im not sure if she can knit others might do it too but idk as of now we dont get together but that might change soon its kinda hard for me to work around others because i cant even be in the same room as wool for more than like half hour
  11. ask her, or at least ask her dad what one 10 year old will like another will hate pay attention to what she wears and has and please take the time to get to know her, ive had to deal with my moms bf's and none of them made any effort with me i dont think her bf of like 5 years knows my dogs name (we lived in the same house as him for 2 years), my last name, or anything i like
  12. i do that, if asking about a movie i'll say "is it a cartoon or people movie?" my biggest one is i call a rubber spatula a whippy grandmom calls it a rubber spatuler oddly enough grandmoms the one who gives things different names... and its not stuff that carried over from kids like the turn signal is a "clickity clack" i translate grandmom to english for people
  13. i dont have that pattern but i have a different crocheted gingerbread house pattern it was a free pattern of the day it covers a small tissue box and uses 4 1/2 oz of rust and 3oz white the roof is soild white i hope this helps
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