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  1. Sahmlock

    moo cow!

    that's mooooooo-velous
  2. ok...it's not crochet, nor knit.. but try washing out an empty milk gallon jug.. or two-liter soda bottle for your pup to play around with... drop some treats into it.. and watch as the pup tries to get at them..
  3. isnt it tough acquiring needles??? seems like the crochet kits are everywhere--out in the stores... but not these needles! I am at a loss, too as to which ones I need.. I basically pluck the sizes of the rack...randomly! I wish they would have the size on the needles itself too! right? what a pain to have to use the needle sizer thingamajig! oh well...
  4. I make those too!!! I have a pattern from Annies Scrap pattern... I filled them up w/scrunchies and bun covers... and donated one to my dd's dance studio for a fundraiser! I talked about this in episode two of my podcast. :clap
  5. Tooth fairy pillows.... http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2002/2202197124_c579c6235e_m.jpg Fun & EASY project to do!!! link to pattern is located under Episode two of: http://crochetlocketrunningwithneedles.mypodcast.com/ :cheer:cheer
  6. I just got a hold of the calendar for a mere $4.00.. brand new of course.. BUT the August has doubles... and is missing the last week or so and first few days of September!!!!!! ugh! what now??
  7. I love these bags! each one is soo unique!
  8. The title pretty much says it all... A Crochetter that knits -and- is entertaining the thought of becoming a runner. Yes, it's CrochetLocket from Yellow "Ribbon" Hats, Ravelry, and Sparkpeople!! http://crochetlocketrunningwithneedles.mypodcast.com It's on Itunes too!! check it out! Please leave me a comment....
  9. That is absolutely incredible!! the time ... the effort.. the finished product! BRAVO!
  10. wow that must have taken a long time to make! so beautiful! love those colors!
  11. that is such a great idea!!! too cool!:clap
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