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    'burbs of Detroit
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    things that make people go ooooooh!
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  1. Love this pattern, and yours is lovely!
  2. Thanks guys! I started my first lace shawl this weekend and it was the most frustrating experience of my life! I am currently looking for another pattern!
  3. Since there's no knitting equivalent of Crochetville, and I know some of you also knit, I thought it would be okay to ask my very goofy knitting question here... Circular needles come in different lengths, like 16" or 24". My question is, is the length the measure of only the cable (that attaches the needles) or is it from needle tip to needle tip? Thanks.
  4. irish_leeny


    Nice work, Lillie! When it comes to crocheting, I am a shawl addict.
  5. Coming from someone "up north in snow country", warm gifts like these are always appreciated! It's lovely!
  6. You are a very talented crocheter!
  7. Okay, I went to some more stores and could not find the book, so if anyone else sees it, let me know what store...I'd appreciate it! THANKS!
  8. There's an awesome pattern (using 3 colors) in Happy Hooker for a baby hat and carseat blanket set...it's called the seija set and it is super quick and easy. I made the hat in less than two hours.
  9. Thanks BusyHands! WalMart is one place I have not checked. Perhaps I will travel to one tonight and see if they have the book. Both the Michaels and Joann stores around me (and there are a lot) don't have it yet. Other than that, I will let you know tomorrow what my results are...I feel like a P.I.!
  10. Has anyone seen the Patons "In The Bag" pattern book in stores? It's sort of new and I have been looking for it everywhere. I'm in Michigan, if that helps. I tried to order it online but I will not pay for a shipping cost that is MORE THAN THE BOOK! Can you tell I'm riled up? Thanks! -Colleen
  11. "Fruit salad, yummy yummy" Ah, the Wiggles... very cute!
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