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  1. Alright ... here I am ... Check me out! https://crochetcronies.wordpress.com/
  2. HUGE to CrochetPrincess66 I got my scarves and they are beautiful. Pictures on my blog -- http://crochetcronies.wordpress.com/ Everything was great. Thank you so much.
  3. Alright! Are you a swapper here at the 'ville?! Show your swapper spirit with the "I'm A Swapper" Button. I was in a crafty mood and needed a crochet break real quick.
  4. If you check out http://www.brilliantbutcancelled.com/deathwatch/ They have a link where they have a ton of audition videos of people who didn't make it on the show. Well "Davey Makeout" was one of those people and this was one of his outfits on his video. I am pretty darn sure those are granny squares. If you see the video they are all layered. It's pretty interesting for lack of a better word. I guess if you fell down you would have plenty of padding.
  5. It is here! It is here! I got my tote today in the mail!!!! It was so beautiful! Chelle - I cannot thank you enough. You did a wonderful, wonderful job. The pumpkin pie candle was really really cute. I love it all! HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you. I have pictures of everything on my blog http://crochetcronies.com/
  6. If anyone wants to do this with me as a CAL, I started a thread http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=33228
  7. Thank you to SueBee42 for bringing this great cause to my attention. Many of you on here have expressed interest in this cause and want to or are already doing it so I figured we could all do it together to have that extra little push and maybe get a few more scarves out than we would have otherwise. The original thread started by SueBee42 can be found HERE The Official Info Page (in PDF format) is HERE Also, andiM gave us THIS LINK with some addtional information and a place to get buttons. Like I said, I thought a CAL would be a great idea for this cause to maybe get some more people intersted in it and get a few more scarves going. My personal goal is one scarf a month until January when they need to be sent. So at least 4 or 5 scarves. WHO IS WITH ME? Here are a bunch of patterns to start off with
  8. I am not sure if this has been posted here already. (sorry for the repeat if it has.) But I came across this site and it has some images on it I know people have looked for before. http://iptrafficsolutions.com:8080/peggy/Tricot/Grilles.htm
  9. Hey Mama Chelle... Don't you think I forgot about you.... I will be creating a certain package this weekend! I love seeing what everyone else has done. Lookin' good ladies!!
  10. I finally got pictures of this up! This is my granny square nintendo afghan. It is the 1up mushroom guy. If you have boys that love NES this is a great gift. I know my roomates love it. Check it out on my blog. http://crochetcronies.wordpress.com/2006/08/26/1-up/
  11. Thanks everyone. A big problem was the yarn guide needed to be tightened. Now that it isn't so wobbly I can hold with one hand and wind with the other. MUCH MUCH better. The tray table suggestion is a good one too. Next time I go to the store I will have to look at those. Thank you everyone. I knew Crochetville wouldn't let me down.
  12. I bought this ball winder from knitting wharehouse http://store.knitting-warehouse.com/072803.html Now I thought these things were here to make my life easier. But this things seems to be a nightmare. It is suppose to kind of "clamp" onto a table but no table or and piece of furniture I own is thin enough for it to fit. That is the first problem. It's impossible to hold it, wind it, and help yarn feed through. I was holding it with my knees while I tried to get everything to go. The yarn kept slipping underneath and would get all tangled in the gears... I am very frustrated.. It took way way way too long for me to wind up one ball of yarn. Am I doing something wrong? Does anyone else own this and have a suggestion? Help!!!
  13. http://www.floridafiberin.org/ I found this site through the Lion Brand site. Looks like it could be fun. It is in Orlando this year so all the Central Florida Crochetville ladies may want to check it out! Just thought I would share. If anyone in Florida has ever been to this event before please post. I would like to know some more about it. And if anyone thinks they may be interested in going, post a reply and maybe we could make a little get together out of it.
  14. Very Cool. I will have to start doing this. Oh darn... gotta go buy lots of red yarn. mwa ha ha ha
  15. Hello MamaChelle! I think I have everything ready to go. But I don't want to send it until the 1st week of September. Then it will be more "fall - ish" So get prepared for some mail! yay
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