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Great Flake Race! Over!!


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Well I didn't get any done on Saturday so I didn't make my goal of 50... My final total is 37 which I don't think is too bad... They are in the final hours of stiffening right now (should be stiff by morning)...


Thanks natalie for hosting this as I wouldn't have gotten off my butt and done them otherwise!!!


I think I'll try to make some throughout the year so that next year I'll have plenty to give as gifts in greeting cards!!!!

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Well, I screwed up and mixed my old flakes with my new flakes... but I think all together I've only gotten about 15 done in the last week! :blush



I wanted to do a lot more, but my flake-making time was thwarted a bit by dental issues... both wastimg time at the dentist... and being a bit intoxicated on pain killers... [i will have to post a pic of the one I made the other night... I got it all fastened off and realized I totally missed a point!! Oops!!]

Anyways, thanks everyone for joining in and making it so much fun! I appreciate it!!

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Here are my last four. I made eleven total, and enjoyed it so much I will probably keep going for another few days on my own. It's hard to put them away once you get going. U




Thank you so much Natalie for running this CAL! :clap

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I managed 12 - one for each day of Christmas :D


I will post pictures when the camera decides that it will behave itself properly :eek









I've tried several times to reduce the size of the images but somehow I'm just not doing it properly - sorry.

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your snow flakes are very pretty, i made probably 22 total, but then gave them all away:( :( i better get busy and make myself some.:lol :lol again awesome job:hug :hug :hug

Well, here are my 18 snowflakes. Some are stiffened with a glue/water/glitter-glue mixture, some with epsom salts (which are still a little wet) with glitter-glue applied afterward. It doesn't show up in the picture, but they're all nicely glittery.




It's been fun, I plan to keep making snowflakes throughout the year!

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