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    For Vicki

    Was this ever finished and sent to Vicki?
  2. Glad to know my flowers were received, glad you like them...I'll be looking for the mailman!
  3. I just collected our mail and have a gorgeous collection of flowers from Kimberly (ktornatola)...thank you so much, they are so cute and in my favorite color! I will post a pic when the camera has charged so that you can all admire Kimberly's work. I'm wondering if Elizabeth and Christine have received their flowers yet, they were mailed the same time I mailed Kimberly's and she emailed to say she got them a couple of days ago. Let me know ladies, please.
  4. ooops...maybe I didn't put my name on the card?!
  5. Teresa - I'm so glad the packet arrived safely, can't believe you have 70+ degrees while we've been shivering at 52 and 2.75 inches of rain in the last two days! I had fun putting it all together for you - enjoy!
  6. Ladies in Group 1 - your flowers were mailed today!
  7. A large package arrived yesterday and I was delighted to find four skeins of Simply Soft, a darling purple hook case with five Susan Bates hooks, lots of absolutely gorgeous beads, patterns galore - I already have some thread angels picked out and a couple of tops I will make just as soon as I finish most of my WIPs. I also got two cute cards and a fridge magnet with a calendar on it! Thank you Lorrie for being my secret pal, I really like it all and appreciate everything, especially the time and effort you put into being my secret pal. I hope you were thoroughly spoiled also.
  8. Over three grand is a significant amount of money and every charity I have ever worked with would be delighted with that amount. And FYI I have worked closely with charities for over thirty years before you start wondering about my comment.
  9. Thanks for the update, Teresa, I'm glad it was success for a very worthwhile cause.
  10. She just revealed herself (not literally!) in a cute e-card and told me she is mailing to me tomorrow. Thank you my-not-secret-any-more pal! I won't tell everybody who you are because I know some people are sending clues so their pal can play detective.
  11. This is gorgeous. I'm intrigued as to why you would charge someone 25% more because they choose to use paypal...
  12. Try www.crochetpatterncentral.com - I was just there looking and found a really cute fridgie that I'll make as brooches.
  13. Great job on getting to the PO, that is an achievement in itself! I'm from SE England and know the queue (line to most of you guys here!) can be way out the door. Don't give up on the package arriving yet, my parents (in England) sent DH and I something for our first anniversary and it took fourteen months to arrive, according to the postmarks it had vacationed in Tenerife and Cuba!
  14. Thank you, secret pal for the cute cat e-card, that is sooo cute, my DH was chuckling along with it! I've worked out that if you mail next week I should receive it (hopefully) when I'm off work...purrfect! I am so excited!!
  15. I have made so many of these cute little cosies because everbody who saw mine wanted one - they are a huge hit, thank you so much for sharing the pattern!
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