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    practicing sc, dc, hdc stitches

    More than likely, you're accidentally increasing at the ends of your rows, where you make your turning chains. It can be tedious, but the best thing to do is to keep count of your stitches. If every row seems like too often, count every other row - then you won't have to frog back too far if you find a mistake. If you count your stitches and find the count is same in each row, but you're still ending up with a trapezoid shape, then maybe it's a tension thing?
  2. natalie058

    Help me out please???? UPDATED

    Maybe this thread at Craftster will help?
  3. natalie058


    There are a few sellers on eBay who will sell kits that come with the spindle, some starter roving, and a how-to book. I'm not sure if they'll ship overseas, but my first recommendation would be to definitely browse over there and see what's available.
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    updated my blog

    It still took quite awhile to load for me. Not sure if it's your page or the issues I've been having with blogger all day, though...
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    Takhi Stacy Charles

    No biggie! It got pushed back... And $27 for shipping??? OMG, that's just crazy; it's only a little booklet!!
  6. natalie058

    Takhi Stacy Charles

    There was also a little chatter going on about it over here. Vera has since finished the vest on the cover and it turned out really cute! [Here's her blog post on it.] I really love the yellow lacy top... very cute!
  7. natalie058

    Ugly yarn help

    Maybe you could use it in multiple strands to make a mesh bag? That might make it a bit stronger. or as base for the Doris Daymat pattern? maybe worked into an exfoliating bath puff?
  8. I just wanted to chime in and let anyone who's interested know that the pattern Dot has on her site isn't identical to the one in the book, so you probably can't use them interchangeably.
  9. natalie058

    New to Crochet

    Since you said you're enjoying squares right now, I would suggest the book 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton to start with - it's got tons of designs, a few join methods, and also some ideas about working with color. Another thought would be to do a search in the Crochetville forums, for terms like "join method" "joining squares" "crochet tips" and "crochet hints." I know many threads on these same topics have been started before, and you may find them to contain a wealth of information. Good luck!
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    Acquired Things

    Copyright discussions are no longer allowed on the board. I can't answer that. If questions continue to be asked this thread will be locked and probably deleted.
  11. natalie058

    what not to crochet...

    The thing is, some people take the time and effort to keep blogs for their hamsters, or stinky gym shoes, or *whatever.* Some people take the time to crochet ugly things, and this site takes the time to poke fun at them. To each their own, right? I also don't see what makes posting about Lion Brand's fug any better than posting about "ma and pop" fug?? It's still not "nice," either way. Sometimes people just aren't "nice," its a fact of life.
  12. natalie058

    what not to crochet...

    I think it's funny, although as was said, some of the stuff they choose isn't really that hideous. Really, we all make fug sometimes, and I think point of that site is to just have a good laugh over it, not pick apart the designer [Generally. I've seen it done there before but I believe it was more of vindetta thing.] In fact, most of the posts don't even have links to where the pattern or pics came from. I'd treat it as a showcase for "What Not To Crochet" as it was intended, and not as a personal attack. And seriously, maybe we as a crafting group can take some hints from the nastiness pictured there... ICK!!
  13. natalie058

    Using 100% Wool for Afghan

    Okay, I read chain3's post more thoroughly, and her method wouldn't felt the item since you're never actually agitating the item in hot water - you're just soaking it and then spinning the water out. Makes sense.
  14. natalie058

    Using 100% Wool for Afghan

    Correct, and I should have mentioned that. I guess I figured that handwashing a 'ghan would be an incredibly large PITA, not to mention trying to find somewhere to hang it dry... Yikes!
  15. natalie058

    Using 100% Wool for Afghan

    Washing, as Gran mentioned, is another issue - make sure you look for wools that are superwash, or else you'll be paying a *ton* to have the 'ghan drycleaned. Merino is known to be a softer wool, however, it's also known for having a tendency to pill. No matter what type of wool you end up going with, those labeled as "Virgin lambswool" [or something of the sort] will be less scratchy because they're from the first shearing and don't have as many blunt ends. [Much like how after you shave your legs, the hair grows back in prickly... the end you shaved off is prickly, too, LOL! The same concept applies to sheared fibers.] Can't wait to see what you end up deciding!