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  1. I wanted to thank the wonderful elf who sent a bunch of Cardboard books for my little girl (along with a list of where to find them! thanks so much for that!) She absolutely LOVES them and was so excited when I gave them to her! We also rcv'd a mini deck of cards for our playing card collection. It's a neat little deck on a keychain from the Memphis Zoo! Thanks so much! My husband thought those were so cool!
  2. That's wonderful news! I was worried about her and am so glad that she's doing well! Thanks for finding out for us.
  3. My favorite time of year! I always look forward to not only the surprises that await me in my mailbox, but being able to make someone else's wishes come true as well! 1.) Carrie Underwood's new CD - Play On (I don't mind if it's used so long as it plays!) 2.) Playing Cards (My DH and I collect them and love them all! Funny and unusual ones, City, State, Amusement Park, even naughty ones, and we USE them all! Last year someone sent me some that were given out at a trade show and they were the coolest ones we ever saw. So you may think they are throw away but we'll cherish 'em!) 3.) Something addressed to my hubby! He always gets jealous when I get packages and there isn't anything but bills for him so what a nice surprise to get something nice for him! He got a Play Station 3 this year and loves to play it. If you find a game cheap enough (used) that would be a nice little gift to send or also maybe some stress balls (I have been wanting to find some of those for him) He's a Florida Gator fan is all else fails! 4.) Stitch markers! I never seem to have enough and can definately use them! 5.) I know this is a long shot but we would love a Play Station 2. Why you ask? Well, the PS3 we have does NOT play PS2 games and there are a ton of PS2 games that aren't available for PS3 so we would love to get PS2 so that we can play those games as well. Long story short, I would never ask for anyone to buy one but if perhaps you happen to have one you don't use anymore or something, we would love to have it! We don't even mind if there aren't any controllers as those are easily purchased seperately. Oh, and IF you happen to send this, PLEASE address this to my hubby! He is the one who really wants it (I'd play it too but it's more for him) and it would really be a big surprise! 6.) As many of you know I am a medical foster parent and collect donations of squares and blankets for CMS (Children's Medical Services) here in Florida. My goal is to make sure that every child in the program leaves with a blanket of their very own. Most of them come with nothing. When we got our little girl from the hospital she didn't have clothes or anything even though she wasn't a newborn. The older children's eyes just light up when you give them a blanket. They cannot believe it's theirs to keep forever and that they don't have to give it back. Children range in age from preemies to teens to all sizes are needed. At the moment I am in need of 12 inch squares for teen blankets and completed blankets. Having a medical foster child takes up so much time that I don't have nearly as much time to crochet as I used to. 7.) Flash Cards or Books that are heavy duty (cardboard backed for an 11 month old) I have seen these on line but cannot find them locally. We want to start teaching our 11 month old her alphabet and such and also she loves being read to. I have only 4 small books that have that sturdy cardboard backing that won't tear if a baby grabs it. (I hope I'm explaining this right) 8.) Sock Yarn (Esp the stretchy kind) 9.) Scrapbooking supplies for a baby girl. 10.) Anything homeade by you! Gifts made from the heart are the best!!!!!
  4. I have a couple more elves to thank! I rcv'd a big box full of squares for my charity afghans as well as some dishcloths for me! Thank you so much!!! I also rcv'd a deck of cards with those cute little pen guys on the front. (I can't think of their name but they are tiny little pens that have faces and like a little koosch ball on the end) anyway, they are really cute cards and another deck that we didn't have that we are very thrilled to add to our collection!!!! I also got a puffy filled with childrens books! The neat thing about these books is that they all have those really thick pages like they are made with cardboard or something so I can read to my little one even though she is only 7 months and she can grab at the book and it won't tear or anything! She loves it when I read to hear and these were just what I was looking for! Thank you all so so much for thinking of me, my little one and the charity that I donate afghans to!!!
  5. Ok, I finally got a chance to scan the note that John Travolta sent me. For those of you who would like to see it, click on the link below: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=3242412&l=fdf4d584ee&id=613403083
  6. I have another elf to thank! This elf sent me a square and the neatest deck of playing cards. These are cards that look like they are passed out at trade shows maybe. Very unique and definately not something you can buy in the store! Each card has a picture of a different product that this company manufactures. It's actually an ingenious giveaway but also a great gift and a very neat addition to our collection! Thank you so much for thinking of me! My husband loves these cards I think most out of all of the decks we have to date. He just keeps looking at them over and over again!
  7. You guys are not going to believe this!!!!! I got a HANDWRITTEN thank you card from Mr. John Travolta himself in the mail yesterday!!!!! My friend Natalie told me that he asked her hubby for my addy the other day and sure enough I got this thank you card in the mail! I will scan it and post it on here when I get the chance. How thoughtful! Just thought you all would like to know how touched he and his family were!
  8. Hello again! I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone! I just delivered another big bag full of ghans to CMS (Children's Medical Services) last week!!! Everyone has been so generous!!! I actually rcv'd several boxes full of small squares which I have been joining into baby blankets (I usually work on these while I'm at Dr's appts with my little one!) so I will have several more once these are finished but between everyone here on the 'Ville, the generosity of some other on-line friends and believe it or not, the kindness of strangers I have met at garage sales, we have really been able to make a huge impact in the lives of these medical foster kids!!!! I am always accepting ghans, whether baby, children, teenager sized, it doesn't matter. If you'd like to help, please shoot me an e-mail or PM. But mainly this was just a super THANK YOU for all your generosity!!!!!
  9. I have two wonderful elves to thank! First of all I want to thank the elf who sent me 2 decks of cards from a casino! I have always wanted to get a deck from a casino! How cool that they drill a hole through the center of the deck! My hubby and I are going to use these the next time we play cribbage!! Can't wait!!! I also want to thank the elf who sent me a homeade teething chew toy for my little one! It's rather ingenious and something I have never seen before! Thanks so much for thinking of her!!!! Thanks for brightening my days!!!
  10. Debra, I am so glad you liked everything! I used to take Maxalt for headaches so I have tons of those plastic packs. They are very useful for all kinds of little notions and such. I like to use mine for stitch markers, buttons, needles, etc. Your extra little puffy is on it's way. So sorry that I mailed your main package in such a rush that I left the few extra items on my table. Being a new mommy has me frazzled most of the time! Anyway, it worked out though because I picked up a few extras for you. I loved being your partner and again LOVE the diaper bag you made me! It's perfect!!!!
  11. Thank you so much to my wonderful elf for granting several of my wishes! Not only did she send our little girl some new toys as well as a plushie blanket and Burts Bees skin care kit for baby, but she also sent me playing cards, 2 issues of Crochet Today that I was missing AND a digital camera that actually works with windows vista! I cannot thank you enough!!!! You really made my day!!!!!! :cheer
  12. I have to say a big thank you to Debra for my package! Where do I start? She made me the most amazing diaper bag made out of very bright colors (just like I asked for) with a nice long strap (thank you so so much, it's perfect!) Inside of the bag is so much stuff that I can't begin to think how she fit it all in! A whole new variety of teas to try (yummy), some new toys for my little one, Burt's Bees baby skin care kit, one of those Snuggle blankets that has a stuffed animal and a blanket all in one, some yummy smelling soap, a new deck of playing cards for my collection, some notepads, 2 back issues of Crochet Today that I was missing and last but not least, a DIGITAL CAMERA that works with windows vista! WOW! How in the world do I say thank you enough? What a wonderful blessing you are Debra! I actually have an SD memory card that will work with the camera (I just have to find it! LOL) So as soon as I do I will take a pic of everything with my new camera and post it all! Thanks again for the wonderful swap and I hope you like your package!!!!
  13. Oh, I'm so glad they got them!!! I haven't had a chance to talk to my friend Natalie so I hadn't heard they had been delivered yet. My little one got out of the hospital mid-last week and I've been very busy taking her to her numerous Dr's appts so I haven't really talked to any of my friends. The only reason I read this now is because I've been up all night with her as she still isn't sleeping well. However, I wouldn't trade one second of this for the world! Being a mommy is the best thing in the world and I am so blessed to have this little one in my life! Thanks again to everyone who helped to make this happen! So sorry that it took so long to all come together but I think in the end it was worth it!!!!!
  14. Nothing makes hot summer days go by than a little "Holidays in July!" Ok, here's my wish list! 1. I have been drooling over these crochet publications for awhile now and would love either of them! Wrapped in Crochet and Superior Crochet. 2. Any and all playing cards. My DH and I collect them and we don't just let them sit and collect dust. We actually play with every deck that we get! (We are big card players!) The more unusual the better, but even just regular old cards with the name of your state on the back are great too as we'd like to collect all 50 states! (I've been asked before so I'll just let you know that I do not mind "naughty" playing cards.) Thanks to the elf for the deck of playing cards!!!!! 3. A new digital camera! (Hey, a girl can dream, right?) This year we got a new computer with Windows Vista and our ancient camera is not compatible with Vista so I cannot upload any pics I take onto it. Nothing too fancy, just good enough to take decent pics that I can upload and print! GRANTED! 4. Baby stuff! We are enjoying our first medical foster child and she is getting ready to turn 6 months old! I am short on "toys" for that age range (I do have like a few key rings and such) but anything else that kids that age like I need and anything else that may help us would be great! I am a first time mommy so a lot of things I don't think to get until I need them! (Thank you to the elf who sent our little some new toys, Burt's Bees Baby kit and an adorable plushie blanket!) 5. I'd love to have a fancy hook. One that I cannot afford! (Wouldn't we all?) But I'm really picky about the hooks I use. I love Boye hooks but cannot use Susan Bates if that helps. I know one kind is inline and one isn't but I can never remember which is which! (Oh, and my favorite hook size is J) 6. Veggie Tales on DVD or VHS. My little angel loves cartoons and Veggie Tales is only on TV once a week. I have a hard time finding cartoons that I like to let her watch and you can never start a little one too early to learn about the Bible and good values. 7. Any yarn for medical foster children's ghans. I accept ghans, squares and yarn (even scraps). (Any size ghans as some of the children in this program are teens). We want to make sure that every child has their own handmade blanket when they leave the program as they come with nothing and to have something of their very own, handmade at that, is priceless and a treasured heirloom to sick children. (I pass completed ghans onto the heads of the Children's Medical Services Department I'm lisenced under and they pass them out to the children who need them.) 8. A decent pair of earbuds for my MP3 player. (I'd really love a pair of hot pink ones but just ones that fit my ears would be great!) I bought a pair that fit right in the ear but from what my nephew says most of this type are supposed to come with a few sized adapters as everyones ears are different sizes. I guess I have small ears as the ones I got will not stay in my ears. Now that we have the baby we haven't really had any extra spending money for a decent set of earbuds. 9. Crochet Today Magazine Issues Sept/Oct 2008, Nov/Dec 2008, March/April 2009 Thank you to the elf for granting my wish for the 2 issues in green! Now I'm only missing one issue and I'll have every issue since it started publication!!! 10. Homeade dishcloths & scubbies for the kitchen (preferably bright colors). I only use crocheted (or knitted) ones and they all get well used. I can always use more! Thank you so much for reading my list and to all the wonderful elves! P.S. If you plan on sending me anything and have sent me anything in the past, please get my addy from AuntBubbles. We moved 3 years ago and believe it or not, people still mail stuff to my old addy assuming that I still live there. Thanks a bunch for double checking!!!
  15. Thanks Pat, I got your PM! I cannot wait to get this one in the mail! I'll just be glad when my subscription starts so I don't have to hunt high and low for it anymore!!!!
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