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  1. If you decide to try it again and do need help, please feel free to email me. I would be happy to help you through it.
  2. I can update the wording, if you think that will help people understand the pattern better. It is true, it can be a little hard to figure out where to put the fp stitches and even more difficult to try to explain it in a pattern, lol.
  3. Thornton is about an hour North of Turlock. So, it isn't really "close." You are still welcome to come down if you don't mind the drive.
  4. I grew up in North Modesto. If you decide to change your mind, it is only once a month. I think there is a knitting group in Modesto and you know a lot of them crochet, too.
  5. I am starting a knitting/crochet group in this area. I know there is one in Stockton, but that is almost and hour north of me and I am hoping to accommodate people that live south of there, such as in the Turlock area. Our first meeting will be at Borders (in the coffee shop) in Turlock on Sunday, April 29, at 2pm. I am very excited about this!
  6. Your welcome! I was thinking those colors would be right up your alley, since they are fall/earthy colors. I wasn't sure what size hook you normally used and figured I would be safe with a J hook. I like the length of that hook. I will try to get the other things I promised you out in the mail towards the end of next week. I enjoyed being your secret pal.
  7. Please have you reveal packages mailed out. If you have not yet mailed out a reveal package and have not posted about it here, please email me or Lori. I am trying to keep track of those who have had a successful swaps and haven't seen many reveals yet. Maybe I just missed some...
  8. It is time to get your reveal packages put together and mailed out. We would like everyone to be revealed by May 1st! Please let me or Lori know if you are having problems getting your stuff mailed out in the next 2 weeks. Thanks everyone for making this round of secret pals successful.
  9. Or the center? Yep, I think that is a good question. Is it an online pattern or a book pattern? Somewhere you have to increase/decrease in those rows specified. Were there any increases/decreases previously to this section of the pattern? If so, I would go with what you were doing before. If the pattern had you increasing or decreasing in the beginning go with that route. What are you making?
  10. Yes, it is called swatching. You will want to plan your patterns according to the type of yarn you use. I have heard that certain wool yarns "bloom" when washed and may stretch quite a bit. The only design changes I have made from washing was that after I washed a garment and saw it pill I decided I wanted to switch to a different yarn and decided not to use that yarn in my final pattern.
  11. earthwhisper


    Lori covered this technique in the Round the Ville newsletter. You might want to check it out to see if that helps you.
  12. I do this also. I sometimes put it in my back pocket and sometimes sit on it and not notice a hook under my bum. Now, that is sad.
  13. What you did is what they called "tie-dyed" as in when you take a cotton t-shirt and tie it in spots and then dye it you will get areas of white where the ties are. Just tie pieces around a lot looser. You can also you a smaller thread.
  14. That sounds like something I would do.
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